"Our analysis of more than two hundred samples of pay data provided by DoorDash workers across the country finds that DoorDash pays the average worker an astonishingly low $1.45/hour, after accounting for the costs of mileage and additional payroll taxes borne by independent contractors. Nearly a third of jobs actually pay less than $0 after accounting for these basic expenses."

messing w/ hidden pictures, also contemplating the procgen nature of many kid pix tools

food pic 

stir fried some jackfruit and bamboo shoots tonight which was super out of my comfort zone! it was p good

about to have restless dreams of geojson and mapbox and babel-typescript

i really understand why people hate the modern javascript ecosystem b/c an hour ago i was like "im doing a PWA" and now im googling "babel typescript dynamic imports code splitting" like a fool

the front end is where literally all of the complexity is because i want a PWA but i have to learn how to scaffold that out like,... now, i guess

the backend for what i'm writing is really not complicated so i guess it's time to figure out how to add a front end

i feel like i saw someone mention a minimal git(hub|lab) alternative on here a while ago that also has really basic project management, maybe self hosted?

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hire me, a senior dev, to your team, where my main contribution will be going "I don't know" "I don't get this" "can you explain that in more detail" "why"

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