i took a week off in between jobs to "do chores" and instead mostly had a series of increasingly clear realizations about having ADHD

i know there's people who would be into having this conversation and working with local anti-gentrification orgs! but i also know there are local TNR groups who feel reeeeeal paternalistic about their neighborhoods (fl*tbush c*ts) 👀

but coming into animal rescue already invested and involved in anti-gentrification, i feel strongly that we owe it to the communities we live in (and for many of us, are also gentrifiers in) to prioritize preventing human displacement and suffering as highly as we prioritize the same for street animals

i've been thinking a lot about gentrification and TNR/rescue in general... a lot of animal rescue folks are fine being "single-issue" activists and will acknowledge gentrification but have no analysis of how TNR intersects with it

also i told this cafe i would help them get this friendly kitty neutered and vetted. he was dumped because the family got evicted and couldn't take him

im helping a friend put together a gofundme for Felton, who was injured really badly

mitten (who was pregnant) is back outside and still very food motivated. she'll playfully swat at my hands sometimes when i give her treats (with no claws!)

most of the kittens got adopted out or are in long term fosters. my kitten expert heidi still has Home Fry and French Toast instagram.com/p/B1uiPQWFtpv/

i took a break during august but there's still a few cats in/around the colony to trap- at least 2 tabbies (one new, and one older and too smart), and 3 cats who i never ever see

would anyone like to test out a draft of my kid pix emulation tutorial? i especially want feedback from people who haven't set up an emulator before, or who have only done console emulators gist.github.com/cubeghost/689c

can't believe i thought i was gonna get shit done around the house this weekend and then i.... got back into minecraft

using tinkercad to plan my mid-century modern minecraft house

the games industry situation just went from extremely bad to like.... incomprehensibly bad

Reading about that beekeeper in Turkey who couldn’t keep the bears out of his hives so he set up a taste test to see which honey the bears preferred. I love the internet.

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