@cubeghost how could the trolley ever kill all of the real numbers, if they are uncountable and it has to kill people one by one?

In both cases the same number of people die.

It has to do with countable vs uncountable infinity. For example, between 0 and 2, excluding either of them, there's just one integer but an infinite amount of real numbers.

I mean that's not really why the infinities are different. The real numbers are uncountable because you can't "line them up" one by one. There are also infinitely many rational numbers from 0 to 2 but they are countable.

Have to be careful here but it has to do with how, if you ever make an infinite set where it makes sense to say "the first one, the second one", etc., like in this diagram, the set is countable by definition.

@trebach @cubeghost
The real numbers re uncountable because no matter what list you have, there will always be a real number not on that list.

trolley meme meta 

trolley meme meta 

trolley meme meta 

@cubeghost multi-track drifting, because that doesn't actually kill more people than just letting it kill one person for every real number, and also looks super fuckin rad

@cubeghost "Would you better like sugar or salt in your coffee ?"

@cubeghost well, if i pull the lever, i'm saving an infinite number of lives, so sure, i'll do that
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