trolley meme meta 

@cubeghost fuck I love the trolley meme

but I don't boost them unless they're cw'ed

Still, such a good format

trolley meme meta 

@nilaky valid! would you cw them as just death or trolley meme specifically

trolley meme meta 

@cubeghost trolley meme specifically for me

Not like there’s an explicit hierarchy but “cw:death” has such a different implication, where a trolley meme is more of a “cw:ethics”

@cubeghost multi-track drifting, because that doesn't actually kill more people than just letting it kill one person for every real number, and also looks super fuckin rad

@cubeghost "Would you better like sugar or salt in your coffee ?"

@cubeghost well, if i pull the lever, i'm saving an infinite number of lives, so sure, i'll do that
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