Some people didnt integrate many Pink Floyd albums into their being in adolescence and it shows...

Last year I asked a neighbor if I could grow food in her field and it was my first time having a big garden. I was able to share with everyone I know and donate to the food bank and other food drives. This year I am going as far as I can with plant abundance - I want to provide more (poor) people with plants, donate produce weekly, provide skill share to the best of my ability, and make a killing at the farmers market so I have more resources to share and more mobility 🥒🥕🌿🍉🍀🌷

In 2021 I am trying desperately not to argue ideas with no merit but I just found this book at a thrift store and I am triggered!

I have a poster of the geological time scale in my children’s nursery and every day I think about how kids should be taught earth sciences from the beginning. And anyone who seriously wants to be Christian needs a basic education anthropology, history, and literature also 😩

70 million people voted for trump, proving stupidity is more contagious than covid.

do you know how many of these guys could be prosecuted to the fullest? And how many could be seen clear as day and traced from every BLM incident, if we still have anything left of an FBI that wants to do anything

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**Just another wacky weekend in Trump land**

"Even for Donald Trump and the Republican Tabernacle Choir of the Senate, this weekend was an all-star level of crazy-making. The White House again ignored a pandemic killing 3,000 Americans a day, widespread misery and an attack on the nation while discussing the possibility of martial law over Trump's election loss.What saved it was the last-minute, roller-c…"

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What disorder is this? 

I hate that I have to constantly be doing things to feel good and not fall into a pit of despair. And it’s not that I have to *be productive* it’s like I need to feel euphoric to not become dysphoric. I want to have a neutral ground, but it’s like if I go too long without doing things that light me up then I start wanting to off myself.

Has anyone dreamed up any experiments for using this platform to organize?

Testing ODYSEE video hosting - download time was under 5min. Plus, accessible cryptocurrency.
anyway, fell in love with this Si Kahn song last fall...$/download/Caragonm

went out guerrilla gardening today, finished my solo project refurbishing these neglected raised beds. I was in a funk this morning and remembered I could be doing this instead. Learned about the new book Oneness and the 1%: Shattering Illusion, Seeding Future by Dr. Vandana Shiva on this podcast. It was intense. But it helped to put words to one’s fears, even if confirming them.

I have been filling the local “little library” boxes with new books, hats, gloves, socks, sweaters, toys, and food items - most of which are leftover from a large mutual aid collection I organized to distribute in the Nashville area. I love doing stuff like this on my own, I just wish there were more people doing it all the time everywhere. I mean... I also wish Jeff Bezos would prime us some Whole Foods during the pandemic but you know...

I just found out that not only is Tennessee leading in covid transmission of anywhere in the WORLD, but it also gave the most votes to Kanye West.

This week Tennessee took first place in covid transmission I started dreaming of going to crowded places with no masks bc that’s what it looks like in a gas station here on the weekends. All of our politicians are the worst type of low information Christians. The governor told the mayors to just do whatever they wanted and they all wanted to be tough and not ~give in~ to *liberal hysteria*. The day we took 1st place we had 540 deaths in 7 days, and the next day we had 173 deaths in 24hrs.

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It is, entirely possible, for a small cadre of people to make a significant difference alone. I don't mean this in a vanguardist sense, but that there are so many things that desperately need doing, and if you just... go... do it. It's done. And you've made a difference.

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