storm the place and push the judges over. they're 300 years old and weak as shit, they can't do anything

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i'm not saying firebomb the supreme court, merely that it would whip extreme ass should someone do that

CW: Horrific Gamerness 

When everyone said RBG was dead, I was thinking they were talking about LED lighting on computers being a dead fad...

I am ashamed of myself...

she’s only ever hired one black clerk in her time as Supreme Court justice. Zero on the DC circuit.

Rapist Kavanaugh has had a way more diverse hiring. Yikes.

God I wish I could say this on Instagram.

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bitter rental stuff 

I really hate it when rental ads say “MUST MAKE 3x THE RENT IN A MONTH”

Bitch, I’d love for my rent to only be 1/3 of my income.

Time to take hella overtime shifts 🥴

@deeplytiredtiger nope, wait

she’s a fascist who like guns and hunting

sad day. Thanks for tuning in everyone. It’s what we thought all along.

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My coworker trying to tell me about another coworker that is on the far right extreme of society but also isn’t a bigot...?

millennial American things 


if I didn’t have a cat I could live out of my car again for the third time

But I love that stupid ball of fur and I regret nothing

Hot take from another anarchist friend:

Vote for Biden so that he wins to prove to libs that dems aren’t better and also because those in ICE detention camps need Biden now?


The social dilemma is a weird documentary that’s all over the place and is so close to the point and yet so far?

I mean it definitely makes some good points, but using the BLM fist in their fake protest world in order to make a point on how social media sows discord in the offline world is some clown shit

At what point do you say fuck this country and try to go to a better one that isn’t as fucked up

Kill centrists without legal or moral consequences by placing a landmine equidistant between a free puppy booth and a nazi

every time you punch a cop, you get one "get out of voting free" ticket

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outdoor recreation 

Now I just can’t. They post all these things about how the wildfires are awful and how we can somehow vote it all away.

As if the dems and the GOP aren’t two sides of the same coin that have landed us right where we are today.

And that’s my take as someone who’s worked outside all summer every summer in their adult life doing privileged wilderness things.

Anyways, let’s burn down the government and give the land back to the indigenous people.

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outdoor recreation 

Something I’ve realized for a while now? Outdoor recreation is deeply rooted in privilege. A privilege I got to experience. The amount of gear it takes to even go backpacking comfortably is so much $$$. Let alone the time you have to take off from work.

I used to look up to all these professional outdoor athletes and even my forest service friends who found a way to make a living out of spending time in the outdoors.

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