honestly I call out of work so often now bc I can barely sleep. help

unrelated life things 

I don’t come on here often anymore since my schedule changed and I just spend my days off recovering from my 24/48 hour shifts.

I’m so tired of covid. At least one of our hospitals has really dope snacks for EMS workers now.

We’re all so tired.

(boostable) have environmental science bachelor's, looking for experience in mutual aid focused farming initiatives 

I will have an environmental science degree with experience in toxicology and environmental chemistry. I'm a queer brown leftist and I'm interested in supporting community resilience and learning about food sustainability. Can intern, can travel. Available starting Sept/Oct 2021.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I see libs wanting the national guard to take an oath swearing fealty to joe fucking biden

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since this world requires me to work in order to live, where would be a good place to work in the tech world that isn’t a giant Corp that eats souls and preys on poor people? Is it possible?

Are you telling me that the skin color of the protestors affects how the police deal with them????

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ah so blue lives matter was just fascism the whole time?? wow im surprised

The irony of chuds assaulting police officers to go riot in the capitol because they didn’t like the election results.

I’m laughing. But also crying that this is the country I live in.

I decided to go backpacking for some self care time and then I come out to the grand jury decision

Burn it down.

Gulag Idea, CW: Trekie Shit 

A gulag for AnCaps governed by The Rules of Acquisition.

storm the place and push the judges over. they're 300 years old and weak as shit, they can't do anything

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i'm not saying firebomb the supreme court, merely that it would whip extreme ass should someone do that

CW: Horrific Gamerness 

When everyone said RBG was dead, I was thinking they were talking about LED lighting on computers being a dead fad...

I am ashamed of myself...

she’s only ever hired one black clerk in her time as Supreme Court justice. Zero on the DC circuit.

Rapist Kavanaugh has had a way more diverse hiring. Yikes.

God I wish I could say this on Instagram.

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bitter rental stuff 

I really hate it when rental ads say “MUST MAKE 3x THE RENT IN A MONTH”

Bitch, I’d love for my rent to only be 1/3 of my income.

Time to take hella overtime shifts 🥴

@deeplytiredtiger nope, wait

she’s a fascist who like guns and hunting

sad day. Thanks for tuning in everyone. It’s what we thought all along.

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