hi friends, I'm very blessed with abundance atm and feeling like doing some philanthropy. I can't remember who anymore but I know I've seen quite a few different people on here post about struggling to make ends meet etc and I would love to help out a little if I can. I can do paypal. pls boost so people who need support see this! ty 💞

Hey graphic designers! I want to pay one of you to draw a logo for me. I have a design already in mind, but I’m open to your input about it. Bold and simple style kind of like the one presently in my profile avatar. Please send me a link to examples of logos you have designed, and let’s talk. Thx!

Pumpkin carving with cat:

Hank, a Cat: OH BOY
Cam: Not for cats.
Cam: stop--
Cam: no--
Cam: you don't want--
Cam: oh for--
Cam: Okay, that's it. Out.

- An old-timey western bar. A fight breaks out, with broken tables and a cowboy thrown over the bar into the alcohol shelves.

- Suddenly, loud bootsteps are heard on the wood outside. The fight pauses suddenly, participants glancing over their shoulders in fear.

- A pointed hat looms over the batting doors. A voice booms out:

WITCH SHERIFF: Now what in the Sam Hain is going on in here?!

(I know I know I'm terribly sorry I couldn't resist the joke)

Idea: A western, but all the cowboys are witches.

The Magnificent Coven


“The world needs your wandering eyes
Your graceful being
Your peerless magical truth”

Pro tip: "cult" and "occult" are not related etymologically.

My wife's band is funding an album through Kickstarter! It's about the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell.

If you're into studies of form in literature or music, you'll love it. It's got recurring motifs, prog rock chord changes, and funky time signatures.

There's just a week left, and they are only asking for enough to get the album professionally mastered and pay the graphic artists. Please consider supporting their album here: kickstarter.com/projects/82265

USpol, transmisia, long; personal request: Chicago 

I am a nonbinary individual located in the Midwestern US region.

The Department of Health and Human Services is planning to revoke transgender, nonbinary, and Intersex people's rights by redefining gender as either male or female, as determined by a person's original birth certificate.


This flies in the face of international law, and would put thousands of people's lives at risk. Including mine.

If you are in Chicago or can be in Chicago tomorrow: I need your help. I need you to go to the DHHS office at 15:00 tomorrow and ask to speak to Steven Mitchell, Acting Regional Manager of the Office of Civil Rights. Tell him and the staff that transgender, intersex, and nonbinary people are real. We exist. We have rights. And he cannot take them away.

Address is: 233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 240
Chicago, IL 60601

Alternatively, you can call the Customer Response Center: (800) 368-1019 any time in the morning. Others will be doing the same.

Please share this post as widely as possible. Copy/paste to email if need be. I don't care what your gender is, we need bodies of all stripes IN ACTION.

Thank you.

demons beating up transphobes 

Live footage of our response to “religious” reactionaries who want to erase trans people:

US pol, looking for PoC artists 

Boosting from birdsite, not mine:

If you are a Black American Leftist who also happens to be a skilled digital illustrator, PLEASE send us your portfolio through the form below (we have a budget):


If you are not a Black American, or want to donate work, feel free to reach out as well!

If you know of any witchy shops that would be down to be featured in my magazine for next months issue send me their link or send them my email fayeredwood@gmail.com
#witchshop #witchcraft

Blues Brothers, the heartwarming socialist tale of two people fighting against both nazis and the cops to keep a social program funded.

if i was a dolphin and also a porn star my stage name would be e e cummings

the viking berserker played to two audiences when donning animal pelts and dancing in wild hallucinogenic ecstacy: the enemy, weakened with terror, and their own ego, remade beast.

the antifa super-soldier does much the same when wearing the gritty costume. in this chapter, we will analyze the "gritty column", a formation which , though less versitile than the "bloc", remains undefeated when deployed in our four use-cases

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