My wife's band is funding an album through Kickstarter! It's about the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell.

If you're into studies of form in literature or music, you'll love it. It's got recurring motifs, prog rock chord changes, and funky time signatures.

There's just a week left, and they are only asking for enough to get the album professionally mastered and pay the graphic artists. Please consider supporting their album here:

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If you know of any witchy shops that would be down to be featured in my magazine for next months issue send me their link or send them my email
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revolution is stored in the oppressed.

Blues Brothers, the heartwarming socialist tale of two people fighting against both nazis and the cops to keep a social program funded.

if i was a dolphin and also a porn star my stage name would be e e cummings

the viking berserker played to two audiences when donning animal pelts and dancing in wild hallucinogenic ecstacy: the enemy, weakened with terror, and their own ego, remade beast.

the antifa super-soldier does much the same when wearing the gritty costume. in this chapter, we will analyze the "gritty column", a formation which , though less versitile than the "bloc", remains undefeated when deployed in our four use-cases

Remember, you can’t spell “macabre” without ACAB.

The forest wore a shroud of fog.
Its inhabitants wore shrouds of grief or confusion, and were brokenly drawn to the warmth of a lamp or beating heart.

It was inadvisable to travel there after dark, for the mist was impenetrable and the forest... dangerously hungry.

Only creatures winged and four-legged could venture through unimpeded; they were often too swift or too small.

Although an escaped circus elephant once made it in and out.

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This is my certificate of baptism, burning in a large outdoor candle. Boost to cleans your timeline.
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