Follow also, few of the active instances actually have any sort of focus on their nominal topic. I joined ACP partly because I’m aligned with the topic and partly because the users really toot anticapitalist toots a lot of the time. Other instances had topics I would have loved, but the feed was mostly full of toots that were way off topic. I’d love to see a directory that guided new users based on the actual feed of the instance.

@demonkind I understand why users don't usually constrain their posting to a narrow topic, unless its a secondary account that's only for this purpose. How many topic-specific accounts do you want to have to set up on a *federated* network? Once you've been on the #fediverse for a while and you start making "friends" (mutual follows who you interact with a lot and feel like you know), it quickly becomes less like a publishing tool (posts on topic X or Y) and more of a social hangout tool.

@strypey that is why we have a local feed separate from home and federated feeds.

@demonkind I don't understand how this relates, please elucidate?

@strypey sorry, I was thinking of the feeds from a reader perspective, and now I think I understand you meant from a writer perspective. I do absolutely think people should have at least two accounts, one for topical discussion and one for casual convos and random thoughts. Granted not everyone wants to fuss around with that. So they could do a kindness and not use a specific-topic instance for their general teen angst anime toots.

@demonkind my point was that the former easily segues into the latter, unless you're a very disciplined person who can notice exactly when a thread drifts off-topic, and remember to switch accounts for the next reply. I mean, let a thousand flowers bloom and all that, but I'm not convinced that federated birdsite is the right tech for having focused, curated discussions on a specific topic. Why not use Discourse or Loomio? How does federation serve this use case?

@strypey The right tech for focused, curated discussions is an “old style” forum. I still participate in two forums that I’ve been on for over a decade. But the slippery slope you describe can be mitigated, just like nearly any other slippery slope. I started off on a home instance that had a nominal topic, but 90% of its content was off topic. I moved a few times, and landed on an instance that’s majority on topic. I’m happy about that. Proof of concept.

@strypey as to “why federation for this”, it’s because the system is a way of meeting and engaging with people who might not otherwise have joined a specific forum.

@demonkind ok, but isn't that incompatible with the goal of 'keep posts to a narrow topic'? Why not have a forum server for topic-focused conversation (eg and a fediverse server for engaging with a wider range of people and inviting appropriate people to the forum, with users having the same @name (and ideally the same login credentials #SSO) on both? This is what #Disroot does.

@demonkind does a similar thing by having a Loomio group for more focused discussions on specific topics. Or you could have a bot that posts every comment on the forum to the social server under the social account of the commenter, with a link back to it on the forum. Wider discussion of issues raised in that comment could then take place in the fediverse, without polluting the original thread with trivia.

@strypey all of your suggestions there sound great. They require technical work that I’m not knowledgeable about, and they imply a need to change the larger operating system/environment/standards. Which again is fine and good, but above my pay grade so to speak. My comments were in re the choices a user has currently available within Mastodon.

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