Today's fun fact: Forests are inherently socialist. Seriously.

In a forest, most plants are linked together by an underground network of mycorrhizal fungi. Via the fungi, the plants share resources around so that they can all benefit. Wha's more, the plants contribute more or less depending on how much they have. Plants with more resources contribute more to their community, helping to nurture the small, young, and weak ones.

This is one of my favourite random pieces of knowledge!



@InvaderXan There was a study recently that showed the trees and fungi didn’t just “share” resources, they also stored them for each other, like batteries or like emergency pantries. The nutrients didn’t just spread around in an ambient general way, they were disbursed to any specific tree or fungal zone that was injured. The storage could last for decades.

@demonkind Oh that's interesting. I love how there's so much we don't fully understand about there things yet. It seems like I'm always learning new things!

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