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By decision of General Assembly of Custodial Workers Syndicate, all public toilet stalls shall be nice roomy accessible ones, because they're much easier to work in, also accessibility should be default

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Workers are putting in the effort over weeks, months and years to build new unions and to strengthen and reclaim moribund ones, and even to begin to chip away at the wall of new “right to work” laws passed since 2012. Their work has meant a slight uptick in union membership numbers, and a larger one in public approval for unions — suggesting that the more Americans see unions fight, and strike, for what they believe in, the more we want to join them.

Before the rise of the private automobile, cities used to have amazing integrated rail networks of trams and long-distance rail. Pictures of Glasgow and Edinburgh tram network circa 1910 and now.

The Strike is still going strong! Follow @iwoc to have updates and more, simple, ways to help! :black_bloc_blob:

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hey periodic reminder that the mastodon elephant is canonically enby

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