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how social movements inspired by the ACTU go in australia

1. wait a decade from the last betrayal
2. ALP hopes everyone has forgotten
3. campaign based on new leader, not a new critical mass of workers
4. rallies only on the weekend
5. everyone gets excited and signs up
6. nothing happens for months at a time, no t-shirts, no stickers, no money
7. election time, suddenly everything gears up
8. vote ALP lol
9. if ALP wins, DEMOBILISE, then go to step 1
10. if ALP loses, go to step 6

i keep seeing these paid adverts on facebook for far right parties' election campaigns, as well as conspiracy theorist messages, and i have to do a double take to check that it says ''sponsored'' in fine print (!!) to make sure it wasn't one of my friends

i think i might de-prioritise facebook and go back to mastodon, hey

1930β€²s ☭ – Rather than scolding and beating the children, it’s better to buy them books.

An estimated 50 million tons of E-waste are produced each year. The USA alone discards 30 million computers each year. Linux can help reduce this problem by giving a second life to laptops and PC's. It takes volunteers like many of us here to help people to install Linux and provide them with a fully capable second hand PC.

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i personally do not consider the scandanavian countries socialist. they are at the top of the imperialist capitalist system, and benefit from the oppression of nations on the periphery of capifalism.

they are more properly ''left'' social democratic. they are still capitalist, because their economies have not been fully collectivised.

since I live in a kingdom, republicans are a fringe part of the far left.

Yeah, I live in a strange place.

anarchism is an ordered system based on consenual cooperation. social life is organised around communal councils where everyone has direct voting. communes are meant to confederate with each other, meaning that the sovereignty of the communes remains intact, unlike liberalism's 'federalism' which awards higher systems of government have more powerful sovereignty. everything is supposed to be structured according to mutual aid, meaning all social relations must benefit everyone and be consenual.

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so... why be a communist??

here's a few reasons

- cool symbols
- many different methods of carrying out the revolutionary terror (meat hooks are a favourite)
- cool clothes
- y'know, liberation for all peoples regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity
- we won the space race
- cool songs
- defeated the nazis, so that's a plus
- get to be a badass
- everything will be free

Most people don't realize that Alexa records everything you say to it. Bugging our homes is Silicon Valley’s next frontier.

i want to say thank you to all the communist activists in my life in and the world.

i would love to be a full time revolutionary, but i am a worker auto mechanic instead.

thank you to everyone who helps understand the revolution by making it. we need your kind in the world in order to achieve socialism/communism.

you make my day brighter, and you are literally saving people's lives by sharpening the class war and pushing the dictatorship of the proletariat closer towards reality.

This belief is the Atlas Shrugged myth, the idea that all the problems of Earth are caused by other people, the untermenschen, that if you just put all the self-selected supermen together you get paradise.

It's what's driving Silicon Valley's Cloud and Big Data and Disruption fixation. It's what's driving transhumanism and "rationalist" cults and Bitcoin and the alt-right. It's what's making SV ignore the inflated rents they're cursing cities with and the suffering that causes.

It's fascism.

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On the idea that Einsteins just appear spontaneously with no context it may be useful to consider the question: would someone like Einstein whose ideas were dismissed for a long time survive in today's academia? Would today's US give someone like Einstein asylum from a European fascist state (Turkey might be the closest analogy today)?
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