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just a heads up- this is not my main account anymore!

my real main account is here:



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okay links about me:

{xmpp} bootlicker@xmpp.xone

just a heads up- this is not my main account anymore!

my real main account is here:



if you were looking for a place to host videos on the fediverse, you can do it on my instance:

i can afford to give you quite a bit of space.

if you're an anarchist/communist/anti-capitalist etc, i would love to show you solidarity and host your videos

pass this around, if you like. i have been struggling to find people to fill up all this space on my VPS hahaha
hey all.

i made this video summarising my research / "deep dive" into pleroma and mastodon's difficult and sometimes oppositional relationship online here

fascism. brazil. 

lay off the pleroma devs please #2 

lay off the pleroma devs please 

Cell towers should become freely licensed, cheap and easy to manufacture, portable, and privacy-resilient in order to cope with the increasing rate and intensity of natural disasters.

hey all. could i have your opinion on this issue i am having?

i have jailbroken my 2nd generation kindle. on is now the amazon 2.6.22-lab126 linux kernel.

there is a terminal emulator on the kindle now called myts.

an open-ssh client and server is installed on the kindle.

i am attempting to ssh from my kindle into my raspberry pi, and use gnu screen so i may use my kindle as an e-paper screen for the pi. typing on the keyboard plugged into the pi will manipulate data displayed on the kindle.

after i ssh from the kindle into the pi, the connection is dropped after more or less exactly 100 to 112 seconds. the error reported is that the connection has timed out.

when i ssh from the kindle into my laptop, the exact same thing happens.

i have been playing around with ClientKeepAlive and ServerKeepAlive in ssh_config and sshd_config on both the pi and the kindle, and the exact same thing keeps happening.

i added 'TCPKeepAlive yes' to both ssh_config and sshd_config.

still the same error.

i ran 'strace ssh user@host' on the kindle and piped the output into a file. ssh exited with code 255, and the strace output displays a broken ssh pipe before displaying the ''connection timed out'' error.

however, when i ssh from somewhere else /into/ the kindle, the ssh session remains open indefinitely.

does anyone have any idea about how to solve this issue?

I just set up a bot for communist quotes, check it out: @communistquotes

So far its not running on a server, so toots will only come when I manually run it. But I can probably finish the setup tomorrow. Check out the source code (linked on the profile) to contribute.

Thanks @lesbianhacker for the idea, to @melissasage for the data scraping from, and to @dirtycommo for the instance.

just before i pass out, i have a question -

i want to get more coding experience

how can i do that? i can do it by myself, but i can only get so far. i want to work on something with someone else and collaborate and share ideas and learn

i have tried to learn spoken languages by myself but i always end up failing, and giving up, because it's so isolating and it seems pointless. i feel like i am getting nowhere and it is an artificial activity that doesn't fit into my life

i'd like to make coding a habit, and a part of my life

how do i get started?
peertube's reaction to postgres xl downtime is to crash. brilliant.
weird question.

i am interested in establishing an office for the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation in my home town of Perth.

has anyone set up a meeting place or a workspace for an NGO or community group before?

how did you go about doing that? what difficulties did you have? did anyone give you any good advice?

if you succeeded in setting one up, what worked well and what obstacles did you have to overcome?

if you failed, what caused that to happen? what fell through?

thanks in advance, comrades :-)

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not a lot of people are going to agree with this sentiment of mine, but:

good luck to jeremy corbyn in the new UK general election

i think a UK Labour victory will help us anarchists

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@selontheweb seeing sels toot has filled you with determination!

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