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just a heads up- this is not my main account anymore!

my real main account is here:



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okay links about me:

{xmpp} bootlicker@xmpp.xone

@Dee @brogepi @finn Paul Giamatti as Spider-Man villain the Rhino, who engineered his suit with a refrigerator carton and spray paint

where can you cop a black turtleneck that says 'sickos' on it

i have decided. i am going to buy a pinephone.

i literally need the 'YAY IT'S BROKEN' factor in my life

why say "an ethernet cable" and only annoy a very small section of computer nerds when you can say "a wifi lead" and annoy all of them at once

im gonna get bryn's dad to listen to chapo

Linux is the successor to Mac because it had osX11 for decades whereas Mac is only getting it now

Having a dictionary on my kindle is extremely helpful, except when I highlight "teleological" and it says "of or relating to teleology"

Very pleased to announce the release of my new album, Truth in Orbit! I hope you enjoy it. You can stream and download it for free here:

Thank you once again to @jaye for the excellent album art.

every now and then i feel like picking up and learning ruby because it's my favourite cursed programming language


hey all, vidak here!

we've had a slight outage at, and i think i /may/ have lost all my shit there

not to worry! i am still here, alive and kicking

i am going to be creating a new pleroma instance at one of my domains!

i think it will likely be, but if there are any domain sales going, i may try and cheekily buy a new one uwu

love you all!!

Well, in my home city of Perth, Australia, corona is basically over

I feel for the rest of the world in their struggle...

I think I am probably going to try and gain access to as my new fediverse presence, maybe

Scaleway has fully fallen over, lol

Alright with you, ?

Well it is May Day officially here, remember the Hay Market Martyrs✊

old: heliocentrism
sold: geocentrism
gold: selenocentrism

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