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okay links about me:

{xmpp} bootlicker@xmpp.xone

I really need to start using tabs in #vim. 90% of what I use tmux for (workspace managment) could be replaced with vim tabs—and doing so would let me avoid the context-switch from needing to use #tmux hotkeys/leader key.

Are any of y'all heavy tab users in vim?

if anyone knows some program that isnt some asshole paid bullshit that will convert from dynamic to basic disk hmu

I built a thing!

#mastodon explorer.

Find people to follow across the fediverse!

Every hour it scrapes the /explore of every safe mastodon instance on 2.7 and pulls down recent toots of popular tags. I even made the follow, like and reblog links work.

I also made it not show images for posts marked sensitive.

Whoever the fuck is behind and related spam campaign.

They need to be hunted.

@evan me: oh god, they got me, im not going to make it with all the hospitals shut down
HRC: I Think that anyone working 40 hours a week deserves to go to the Hospital Sometimes

Reverse Katamari where you put everything back where you found it

@evan me: Mrs. Clinton the government hit squad is coming to kill us
HRC: I think there's a Third Way to look at this problem

If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

the great deletening of things in the internet walled gardens (myspace, google plus)

boingboing article, myspace admits to losing all music files Show more

"in the deep level of the database, non-binary users are reconfigured into a binary system. This analysis also exposes Facebook’s focus on authenticity as an insincere yet highly marketable regulatory regime."

"The gender binary will not be deprogrammed: Ten years of coding gender on Facebook"

Help, how do I filter out pictures of cabbage patch kids with no CW from my timeline?

Monday is the best argument for shortened work weeks and a re-examination of working hours.

Wanna radicalize someone? Tell them we don't need to work Mondays and could easily get by on 4-6 hours a day if the bosses weren't thieves.

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if you want to see how much the ideology of liberalism has poisoned software development just post about a license that forbids privately owned enterprises from using the software and watch people crawl in your menchies to cry about how "entrepreneurs" wont be able to use it

Myspace loses user uploaded music from between 2003 and 2015 due to lack of backups (HT @gcluley)

Considering at one point Myspace was *the* most popular place for bands to put music, that's a lot of culture lost

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