So mentioning DOOM 1 VS webpage sizes reminded that up until not that long ago all of my software had to fit under 16MB (megabytes!) of RAM and didn't have much trouble at that.

We could fit a fully functional app in a couple of kilobytes (!!) on PalmOS but Android apps take dozens of megabytes like it's nothing.

I get that bigger resolutions means bigger art assets (unless you use vector art and you probably should) but with the exception of games and media.. why the heck is everything so heavy now days?

@polychrome HARD AGREE

i do a lot of coding in 4KiB ROM / 128 bytes of RAM for the atari 2600

it CAN be done

@dirtycommo @polychrome It can be done, if people learn how to do it. The problem is that people simply have no idea how a computer works, and that includes most developers.


@loke @polychrome yeah i agree

the level of complete isolation between disciplines is dangerous now

i do know there was an enormous software problem in the 70s, and that software engineers were worth more, so capitalism probably plays into it

i think the way we measure ''productivity'' is also false. there's a difference between ''value'' and ''number of products/components produced''

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