an almost completed 5 input edge-triggered flip flop! this is for my solarpunk computer! the components are new, but the nails and the wood are reused from a garbage centre!

all you need to get this far is a punch, a hammer, and some graph paper!

this computer is 12 bitm and uses brainfuck for its instruction set! i will also be making 4KB of core memory by hand.

@anarchiv it's a single bit of a register! the board fits two flip flops, so 6 of them makes a register!

very simple to construct. it is based on the discrete logic of the PDP-8 made by DEC

i am aiming to use as much reused and waste material as possible, not only because it is ecological, but also makes it very cheap.

i estimate i have spent... $70AUD on R&D and failed prototypes so far

@dirtycommo so... what does it do? imagine you were explaining it to a five year-old. except most five year-olds at the time being have a better understanding of computation than I do

@anarchiv ohhhhh

so it's a little binary memory unit!

it flips between off an on when it receives a little signal from somewhere! if you connect lots together you can store numbers and data!

it's made from items which are cheap and easy to find. i am hoping to prove you can build a computer in a cabinet from waste.

it will have cool light bulbs and switches!

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