''hey look i found this program for your mobile phone. it helps you communicate when you're having a panic attack and you're nonverbal''

''do you get it from the google play store? i think it uses amazon web servers as well''

''why does that matter?''

''it means someone is literally collecting data off you and learning how to profit off your mentall illness. further, it could be learning how to induce or prolong your panic attacks''

@dirtycommo A better solution for the panic attacks would be a notepad application, certainly, there's no reason for an app like that to need any kind of networking capabilities. Does it really use Amazon?

@lesbianhacker @dirtycommo I just downloaded the app that post is talking about (Emergency Chat) and it doesn't connect to anything. It's not monetized at all and seems to just be a nice helpful thing someone made.

@dirtycommo unless you're suggesting an effective alternative this comes across as a little unhelpful

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