if you hate jeff bezos and amazon, why are you connecting to websites that are served off amazon servers?

@dirtycommo I'm pretty good! Kinda stressed right now because of camp planning. But otherwise things are good.
How are you? :)

@dirtycommo πŸ€” this feels like "you say you hate capitalism, but yet your participate in it"

@elomatreb i don't think this necessarily means ''you're complicit''- the opportunity cost of avoiding amazon is so low!

@dirtycommo Not sure I'd classify not using probably 90% of the internet (because while Amazon doesn't cover that much, Google and the other CDN and infrastructure companies aren't much better) as low cost

@dirtycommo If you hate Microsoft, why do you connect to websites served off Windows Servers?

As much as I'd love to avoid using anything hosted by Amazon, that happens to be a significant chunk of the internet, and individualist boycotts aren't effective.

@lesbianhacker @dirtycommo
Not like there is a lot of them, but it does sound like low quality bait.

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