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Neonazi Jack suspended The Jewish Worker for sharing this link to warn you of Atom Waffle members in your area. Now I will pin this link to my profile so you can find Atom Waffle members that are threatening your life by not being shot in the head.

Find Local Atom Waffle Members here, select user and enter the city you wish to search:

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My politics: first and above all, we are in a climate apocalypse and need to do whatever it takes to stop it and repair as much as we can.

Secondly, there are a lot of things I like about Anarchism and there are a lot of things I like about Communism. BUT, at this point with fascists across the world dragging us toward extinction, I believe Communism is the better weapon to use against them now.

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General Personal PSA & Little Bit My Paranoia: Seriously, if I make you uncomfortable it is totally fine to block me. I know me online, and it is abrasive and extreme and not something everyone is comfortable with. I don't take offense if you find me off putting or annoying or whatever. I take no offense if you wish to block me.

I only wish to make fash lives hell, so block away if you desire. We are all online for our own needs, I don't wish to interfere with yours.

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Spoilers: Dark Waters 

They're not going to be the last digital journalism outlet to fold in the months ahead, I fear

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Apparently the last of The Outline staff got laid off yesterday. Longtime followers will recall back in 2018 they published my essay on my Mastodon experience, my first, last, best and only freelance writing gig.

I really liked how they went for a bold design and look in the era where the quest for the ideal UX is boiling all of the web down to the same bland series of columns.

I did not like how writing that essay brought a bunch of tech people to my mentions to complain about their website.


If you are using these reusable homemade masks make sure you are STERILIZING them after every use or you are just putting a rag filled with bacteria and virus on your face...

New this week - my partner in crime (Nick Galea) is back in the saddle as we tackle media silence on Biden sexual assault allegations and GOP pandemic profiteers in the US Senate.

No Fugazi Episode VIII: Smooth Criminals

Warning: by necessity, we discuss sexual violence against women in this episode. No shock jockery here but the subject matter is quite serious and may alarm some listeners.

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Tom Perez's DNC and GOP are teaming up, forcing America's voters to use hackable electronic machines, in-person during a pandemic, rather than safer, harder-to-rig mail-in paper ballots. Their goal is to nominate senile girl-groper and accused rapist Joe Biden for an easy Trump "win".


These workers are on strike today in Chicago. 2801 s Western Ave


"That would annoy me, so I'm going to assume it's going to happen" is a pretty good summary of watching Watchmen.

I feel for store and fast food workers, gotta work your shift doing that stress ass job and then stuck at home hours on end.



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