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Neonazi Jack suspended The Jewish Worker for sharing this link to warn you of Atom Waffle members in your area. Now I will pin this link to my profile so you can find Atom Waffle members that are threatening your life by not being shot in the head.

Find Local Atom Waffle Members here, select user and enter the city you wish to search:

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My politics: first and above all, we are in a climate apocalypse and need to do whatever it takes to stop it and repair as much as we can.

Secondly, there are a lot of things I like about Anarchism and there are a lot of things I like about Communism. BUT, at this point with fascists across the world dragging us toward extinction, I believe Communism is the better weapon to use against them now.

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General Personal PSA & Little Bit My Paranoia: Seriously, if I make you uncomfortable it is totally fine to block me. I know me online, and it is abrasive and extreme and not something everyone is comfortable with. I don't take offense if you find me off putting or annoying or whatever. I take no offense if you wish to block me.

I only wish to make fash lives hell, so block away if you desire. We are all online for our own needs, I don't wish to interfere with yours.

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The CIA is something we should all take part in liquidating馃憤

Now I must go to find out if my charging cord is broke or the much more expensive problem, the charging port....

I just want to say as a likely NKVD or whatever we come up with member in the post revolution, anyone who was responsible for cutting social services pre-revolution is getting the wall...

The fucking Billionaire governor needs to kick poor people around...

Illinois is a Blue State by the way, no Republican power here at all...

Illinois is cutting food stamps from people who are adults, do not have jobs, do not have kids, and do not have a disability. Time to rob more white middle class yuppie vermin馃憤

The reason the US supports Kurdish nationalism is because it further Balkanizes an area the number one arms dealer in the world wishes to control. It is the same reason the US supports Zionism, also the same reason the US supports Ukranian Nationalism.

Pragmatism is not the enemy, being complacent when you were forced to make a pragmatic decision is however.

Your daughters are strong because they had to be with your shitty parenting apparently...

@hambibleibt Also, weird that this was announced within days of an anti-socialist military coup in the word's largest supplier of lithium....

#tesla aims to build a new factory in Brandenburg, close to #berlin.

also: there is a lot of forest in that area and they want to cut it down
and: they mainly want to build SUVs

but isn't tesla supposed to be a somewhat green company?
No it's just capitalism.

I have collected DNA of every gamer and am creating a biometric bomb to wipe them out馃憤

Bolivian police rewarded by the Nazi-German and Spanish Colonizer coup with jurisdiction over licensing. Evo Morales removed police jurisdiction over licensing because there was massive corruption by the police. Via

US making aid to Lebanon conditional with Hezbollah being denied partnership in a coalition government. Via Amal Saad:

The class character of a "protest movement" matters. You should definitely do your own analysis before you start supporting a protest. Blindly trusting a consensus leads to shit like in Bolivia.

Shitpost, Boomers 

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