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Neonazi Jack suspended The Jewish Worker for sharing this link to warn you of Atom Waffle members in your area. Now I will pin this link to my profile so you can find Atom Waffle members that are threatening your life by not being shot in the head.

Find Local Atom Waffle Members here, select user and enter the city you wish to search:

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My politics: first and above all, we are in a climate apocalypse and need to do whatever it takes to stop it and repair as much as we can.

Secondly, there are a lot of things I like about Anarchism and there are a lot of things I like about Communism. BUT, at this point with fascists across the world dragging us toward extinction, I believe Communism is the better weapon to use against them now.

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General Personal PSA & Little Bit My Paranoia: Seriously, if I make you uncomfortable it is totally fine to block me. I know me online, and it is abrasive and extreme and not something everyone is comfortable with. I don't take offense if you find me off putting or annoying or whatever. I take no offense if you wish to block me.

I only wish to make fash lives hell, so block away if you desire. We are all online for our own needs, I don't wish to interfere with yours.

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Wanna hear something way crazier? There are people who still support the fascist Israeli apartheid regime, pretending a settler-colonial ethnocracy, run by far-right racists who call refugees "cancer" and Palestinian children "little snakes" as they murder them, is "progressive"
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Something I learned from this article by @Donna_Rachel_ is that there are American pro-North Korean activists, and they're allied with pro-…

ppl in baltimore used the cover of fireworks last night to tear down one of the city's columbus statues and tossed it into the harbor and i'm vibing

Me: Oh, it's after midnight! Death to America day is over. I wonder what day it is now?
Me, checking a calendar: would you look at that, it's death to America day!

northern europe has decimated their populations knowledge about indigenous rights. they'd rather pretend its an american problem and fuck over Sámi and Karelian people. meanwhile americans think scandinavia is a socialist paradise. indigenous people from europe are alive and well and we don't have our land and rights #DeathToEurope

Celebramos 209 años de dignidad, resistencia y rebeldía patria. Rendimos homenaje a la grandeza de nuestros Libertadores que nunca dudaron en su empeño por liberar estas tierras de las cadenas opresoras del colonialismo que nos sometió durante más de 300 años. ¡Viva la Patria!

remember all those twitter accounts from 2017 called like 'undercover white house resistor' that got 500k followers by posting 'breaking: the president has fallen in the toilet'? they were all me. i don't really work at the white house sorry, i was just lonely and wanted someone to talk to me

on the fediverse, weird is the new normal, mostly because we make it a point to chase normal people out of here with torch and pitchfork

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and the thing is, the fucking toroes just say "oh well people just need to be more responsible with their drinking". individualsing factors to dismiss them doesn't counteract their social causes, and the cause here is that pubs should not be open at all

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"It is "crystal clear" that drunk people are unable to socially distance, the chair of the Police Federation said as pubs reopened on Saturday"

wow, who EVER could have worked this one out. fucking geniuses over here. opening pubs was about removing the need for policy and legislatipn supporting people while the economy was closed. ofc drunk people don't give a shit about social distancing, and of anything they'll try to counteract it

*explaining mastodon to someone* yeah, ok, there's not really any brand presence. the Garfield account is just a person who is using it as an alias, not Jim Davis's account. oh no, not that one. the Nicolas Maduro account is actually real, that's actually the official account of the president of Venezuela

anti-black violence mention 

white supremacist stickers and flyers have been found downtown in Tucson. They’re calling for killing black people on sight and have #/whitelivesmatter printed on them. Please stay safe and remember to not peel off stickers like that with your bare hands.


if america weren't america it would still be necessary to burn the flag because woof is it ugly

i'm native american

my people have lived on this continent for literally thousands of years

but the US is not my country


@robotcarsley @SeanAloysiusOBrien Mastodon is crumbling, and many blame that bunch of apolitic users who for some non-political reason keep shouting #DeathToAmerica

The idea that the tech giants are successful because of "innovation" driven "by employees" is also largely a myth. For example, Google continues to make over 90% of their profits from ads on their search engine: two products, out of the dozens they've built. In fact, Google has struggled to diversify their revenue streams for over a decade now.

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Ghislaine Maxwell, Elon Musk 

Elon Musk is in full "oh my god, somebody put shit in my pants" over Ghislaine Maxwell and I am just vibing.

politics, opsec 

i just really want to emphasize the importance of keeping your activist action unassociated with your identity whenever possible

don't think cops and courts won't find a way to put you in prison. it doesn't matter if what you're doing is legal or not, they will find a way to arrest or imprison you if they deem you a threat

- don't bring your phone to any protest unless it's a burner that can't be traced back to you

- wear a face covering and match your clothes to those around you. cover tattoos and scars

- assume your usual locations and digital communications are bugged, proceed from there

- don't talk to cops. don't do it

- cops lie. they lie a lot. don't talk to cops

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