Tooting about Nazi propaganda anime, that's a block...

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Really the Johnny Carson envelop gag is perfect for the CW format.

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Is it terrible what happened, sure. But it is a symptom of exploitive capitalism that has you work until your death. Yes, the exploitation breaks people, that is why I am not a therapist. How do you tell someone, "well we live in a shitty exploitive capitalist system, take this Zoloft, run 3 miles a day, and try to think happy thoughts..."

That is a natural reaction to being exploited for fifteen years and then being fired and tossed aside.

Dude was being fired from his bullshit ass warehouse job he worked for 15 years, yeah that would make someone pop off...

That was the result of capitalism

"You killed 4 CIA agents who killed 4,000 toddlers apiece, HOW DARE YOU!" The next shitty Military Industrial Complex program on NBC...

Killing CIA agents makes you a good guy, not a bad guy kids๐Ÿ‘

Who are these savages Ron speaks of? Are they the Russians? Are they non-Americans? Are they non-Westerners?

What are the major differences between Russia and the United States for their citizens? How about for their neighbors or those they disfavor? More same than diff.

Zionist White Nationalists steal a Palestinian family's home in Al-Quds, via Time of Gaza on Twitter (Video)

Whenever I see an anime avatar I check your bio to see if you are a Nazi

A tweet from Amaryah S. Armstrong @amaryah_sa.

โ€œThe success of capitalism is due to how much it has convinced people that you have to earn your existence.
I keep seeing people saying dignity is earned and Iโ€™m just like, you sound like a terrible parent, partner, person, neighbor, and friend, but also am like, somebody taught you that and treated you that way and that sounds like a shit way to be raised.โ€

I wanr UK Dianetics with Zero Thetans dammit!!!! That is what I am here for!

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