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found out the hard way that I can never be a sexy beekeeper because the strategically placed holes make the suit ineffective against bees

Indigenous peoples from the Brazilian Amazon in the march for climate justice in #NewYork.

#ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture

Photos: Eric Terena/ Mídia India/@MidiaNINJA

This time if you get the bastard out of office, execute Al-Sisi and Mubarak👍

You, a fool: Superman could fix all the problems in the world if he wanted to.

Mark Millar, a genius rebel: Actually, that would be communism and unfortunately it's bad.

I am telling you, if we hang a US Admiral for war crimes, you will feel better about life👍

Commander McRaven should be hung as a war criminal👍


Turns out my dear friend Hunter Prado has thoughts on the dangers of liberals who co-opt grassroots labor organizations:

The 50 year old Palestinian woman ethnically cleansed by European Zionist Militia thugs was named Nayfeh Ka'abneh, from Jericho, Palestine.

Ok, time to enter the dream world which is so much better than this shit hole...

thank goodness I went to bed early so I could stare at my phone until past bedtime for no reason :blobnotsureif: :blob_grinning_sweat:

sickening to look back on media from the early 2000s and recognize the pro-Iraq war propaganda just smeared all over everything like a thick coating of vaseline

Converting to Latverian orthodox

Grandchildren of Nazi Butchers revoke Kamila Shamsie's literary prize because she stands up for Palestinian Rights, via Middle East Eye:

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