it's really strange how many americans will see a non-profit director making a few million a year and go "wtf, that money should be used for the service they provide", but can also look at a corporate CEO and applaud them making hundreds of millions while proclaiming "he works so hard, he deserves a bigger piece of the pie"

And here I thought it had to do with pooping...


fuck Amazon 

European Landthief purposely runs down 6 year old Indigenous Palestinian child, Tareq Dhabanya, on a bike with their car murdering the child near a European Colonial Squatter Camp near Al-Khalil in Palestine on Monday. Via The Palestinian Information Center:

#PuertoRican organizations from the diaspora called for protests in #NYC, Washington #DC and #Orlando, demanding the immediate resignation of the island’s Governor, Ricardo Rossello.

People need to show up at ICE funerals and celebrate...

Of the 40 recorded miracles, 70% of them were just Jesus walking around giving out free healthcare.

Instead of using Netflix or any other Amazon Streaming service, might I suggest Kodi with the Yoda addon... it is free🍺

"What about debrid services" I ain't a sucker, free is better👍

also proud to say that if you really want to go the extra not even use AWS mile today, witches runs off of linode and uses wasabi for storage. i have gone out of my way to not use any "big 5" services to run w.l #primeday #amazon #fuckjeffbezos

Venezuela's government delegation has arrived in Barbados for peace negotiations.

Happy Prime day don't forget to Guillotine Jeff Bezos

Also don't forget to stay the heck off of Amazon and twitch today


It’s sad that #PrimeDay has become so commercialized that we’ve forgotten the sacrifice that this day is intended to honor.



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@anna looks like venus is the most valid planet in this system

@anna voted uranus because it's not a planet it's a butt hole

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