The reason why corporate social media sites remove spree killers' profiles is more to do with protecting the site than preventing the spread of the message. Leaving their profiles would show how a network of scum are allowed to thrive on a platform.

@doctorflappy right... they keep it up until it's no longer monetizable

@doctorflappy No.

Social scientists believe that the shooters engage in violence to draw attention to their cause.

Hiding it reduces the motivation for someone else to go sacrifice themselves for that cause.

It certainly seems like the theory that one attack triggers a bunch of copycats is happening.

@alienghic the shooter is irrelevant: they will have 8chan or the Daily Stormer or whatever to motivate them. The point is to develop social out lash against the ideology, and allowing these networks to remain hidden and not exposed prevents this out lash.

The capitalist media hides the true intentions of fascist shooters, not because as you believe it demotivates them but more it keeps society ignorant of the metastasized tumor of the fascist subculture.


The researchers argue that is fine to say "white supremacist terrorists"

But using the terrorist's terms helps make it easier to find their propaganda.

Though 8chan deleting the manifestos might be more about them trying to avoid legal liability and social scrutiny.

@doctorflappy The capitalist media just shows us the tragedy on a loop to keep us frightened and watching so they can show more ads and make more money.

@alienghic the capitalist media reframes these mass shootings from Right Wing political acts to video games, mental illness, and need for gun control.

So leaving the manifesto also allows those out raged by the act to learn the real motivation to commit them, right wing ideology, not "playing grand theft auto."

Right wing militants will continue to have their own outlets to radicalized regardless.

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