Not playing videogames anymore because any time I ask for advice I get told to join the fucking discord. I will not join the discord. I will never join the discord. Put your knowledge base on something more accessible than a third party messaging app that could disappear at any moment you walking pairs of clown shoes

The fuck happened to just having a wiki. Lord. This shouldn’t bother me as much as it does but it just makes things so much more difficult than it needs to be. Discords are not an easy way to peruse a knowledge base of information. And on top of that now if I wanna keep up to date on Wagner bnbs I have to be subjected to a bunch of smelly weeb opinions. I’m tired

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Me: can I just get like a basic outline on this character/class/weapon

“Oh join The Swept Plains discord. Sure it’s all geared towards super duper endgame content, but I dunno maybe there’s something in there for beginners. I dunno. Helping people is hard.”

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Deadass this is the oldest I’ve ever felt. There is a discord for every single individual character in fighting games now. I miss forums so much

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@mint in the aughts while browsing the forums I used to tie an onion to my keyboard cord, as was the fashion of the time...


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