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Here goes a ! I'm super interested in -- both natural and human, especially on really long timescales. I like reading and thinking about extraterrestrial life, but am also endlessly fascinated with the diversity of life here on Earth. Definitely a social justice druid.

eurgh (child abuse and shit, bad bad stuff) 

eurgh (child abuse and shit, bad bad stuff) 

eurgh (child abuse and shit, bad bad stuff) 

It's been unseasonably warm for most of the time I've been home. BUT I can't find the data to support this because NOAA's website redirects to a notification about the government shutdown!!

it always gets me a little when we act like our dystopian shit just kind of happened and we all collectively goofed up, instead of a select number of individuals continually grinding up society.

like "wow climate change is so bad, we shouldn't have been using hair spray, we messed up so bad"

Yuri on Ice thoughts 

Yuri on Ice thoughts 

"minty i'm sick of white people sci-fi"

this is a lead in to my intro to afrofuturism, it's very simple. anyways:

My Soul to Keep: Tanarive Due, about a woman who's married to a millennia old immortal black man

The Prey of Gods: Nicky Drayden, about a demigoddess who feeds on fear in South Africa

An Unkindness of Ghosts: Rivers Solomon, about a self-taught neurodiverse healer on a spaceship looking for a new home

Galaxy Game: Karen Lord, about a black boy with super-powers

When I have a bunch of thoughts that I'm struggling with, biking to my destinations end up being the motion I needed to work through them

The rhythm of biking is almost like meditation at times

my tech, gluing electrodes to my skull: i want to start a sitcom someday about working in a sleep clinic, and i'm going to call it "Overtime at the Snooze Factory"

does anyone have any advice on not getting sucked into a research hole so deep that you don't have enough time to actually write your coursework?

I never know how/when to stop reading about a topic to the point where it's detrimental to the work that I (eventually) output

Extinction Rebellion story 


I've been away for a few months so I'll re-introduce myself w/ the new influx. I love this place for the absence of corporate grossness.

Everything in the linked is still true. Additional interests are , , and . I talk about a lot, especially . and as heck and always learning how to be more in my analysis.

Declaration of Independence, Facebook 

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