If you haven鈥檛 switched to duckduckgo yet what convinced me was when @amsomniac showed me the !bangcodes

Basically if you start a ddg search with something like !ebay or !wiktionary it searches that site directly after being anonymized through ddg鈥檚 server. So rather than have different search engines in my browser I select it鈥檚 just !w for Wikipedia or !translate for google translate

You can even do !g and do an anonymous untracked google search


sexual harassment (non-graphic) 

@shel @amsomniac DDG is great like 95% of the time but absolutely fucking terrible for anything social justice related in my experience. Was searching for resources after an uncomfortable experience on public transit and instead got gross lewd stuff about how to do exactly the same thing.

Web 0 0 0

sexual harassment (non-graphic) 

@amsomniac @shel (Apologies to anyone who saw this before the CW. The prevalence of dudebro shittiness in a lot of alternative software/services is definitely something that has to be confronted so it doesn't drive away marginalized people, and I don't think DDG does that well at all.)

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