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Antisemitische Social-Media-Postings 

Der Artikel listet etliche Beispiele auf von solchen Posts. Bilder von verletzten oder toten Kindern, die nachweislich bereits vor Jahren veröffentlicht wurden und meist aus dem syrischen Bürgerkrieg stammen, werden dort als aktuelle Bilder aus Gaza ausgegeben, um Stimmung gegen Israel zu machen.

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Antisemitische Social-Media-Postings 

"Ritualmordlegende reloaded: Die Zeiten ändern sich, das Stereotyp bleibt gleich" von Stefan Frank, 27.5.2021

Ich kann aus diesem Grund virale Social-Media-Posts mit Gore-Bildern nicht ernstnehmen und empfehle, so etwas nicht weiterzuverbreiten.

Palestine, racism and violence 

However, I also find it appalling how legitimate resistance and liberation movements throughout history and today are dragged through the mud by those people who legitimize racist terror.

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Palestine, racism and violence 

My hypothesis is that this kind of terror is not something that is part of liberation or resistance movements, but is rather motivated by extreme racism and antisemitism.

Of course, to anyone who did basic research of what Hamas is about, it is absolutely clear that killing Jews is not seen as a "necessary evil" by them, but as their duty as fervent antisemites. So arguing about this at all should be unnecessary.

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Palestine, racism and violence 

To those who claim that Palestinians are so oppressed that the only way to work towards "liberation" is to kill Jews indiscriminately: which other "liberation movements" or resistance groups followed the express strategy of killing as many "enemy" civilians as possible?

Did Jewish partisans do that in Europe? Did Black and Indigenous people in the U.S. do that? The only thing I could find on Google about that is this libelous graphic:

+ Do you naturally consider a zucchini to be a type of squash?

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A question for those who speak English like a native speaker:

- Do you see pumpkin, squash, and gourd as referring to different concepts? Or are they just three words for the same thing that are randomly applied to each cultivar?
- For example: Do you consider a "Halloween pumpkin" to be part of a different category of vegetable than a butternut squash?

Poisoned water supplies at Ohio protests? 

(Can’t confirm.)

They’re saying that donated water bottles that were handed out by protest medics in Ohio (Columbus?) were poisoned with antifreeze.

Health risks of rinsing your eyes with baking soda solution 

They recommend to just use clean, preferably cool water.

> Tear gas is a chemical that needs to be flushed from the eyes, and the only thing that really does that well without introducing additional risks is water, says Wittman. “There have been studies on water vs. milk vs. baby shampoo, vs. other household items,” he says. “There has never been a study that shows that anything is better than water.”

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Health risks of rinsing your eyes with baking soda solution 

> Wittman is even more emphatic. “The reason why I would be somewhat hesitant to use baking soda or any other compound other than water is that you don’t actually know what reaction the chemical you were sprayed with is going to have with the basic solution,” he says. “You’re essentially doing a chemistry experiment in your own eye, which I would recommend against.”

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Health risks of rinsing your eyes with baking soda solution 

> As for the baking soda recipe popularized by the Hong Kong protests, Bhuyan urges caution. “Using three teaspoons of baking soda mixed with 8 ounces of water does work, and the reason it works is that it’s able to neutralize the tear gas chemical,” she says. “But when people are using baking soda, now they’re using an irritant, and anytime you’re using an irritant, it could potentially scratch the surface of your eyes.” services warning 

Conclusion: My application was rejected because of two rules that they don't properly tell you upfront. They seem to be completely fine with wasting your time and effort and not treating you like a human being.

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If there is text in the source material in [[[triple brackets]]], that means you are not supposed to change the text in between. So I didn't. However, I left out the triple brackets, which according to some "Oliver" is a major flaw.

Further, I put a blank line between each paragraph in my translation as you would in plain-text documents like the one you need to send them (via HTML text area). That was the second "error" in my translation.

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Wanted to try out translating for money. Made an account on They require you to take a test in order to prove that you are able to translate. Did that, spending about 2 hours on translating a sample text. Was rejected for two unbelievable reasons.

Covid-19, physical distancing 



'The coronavirus pandemic forces people to keep a distance to each other. But not a social distance is meant by that, the World Health Organization clarifies. They say that communication be important in these times. The WHO stopped using the term "social distancing" in favor of "physical distancing", and encourages people to stay in contact via social media.'

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Someone asked for "social distancing" to be called "physical distancing" instead, and just now I read that the WHO started endorsing this new term, too.

That was quick

nazi stuff on amazon 

tired: amazon selling nazi books
wired: amazon selling nazi lighters

it says "sold and shipped by amazon", it's not sold by a third party

who needs a website and is gonna pay me for it?

if it's for a good cause i might do it for free.

freeze peach activist khamenei dunks on france (cw holocaust denial) 

Came upon this real gem from Ali Khamenei.

"In his book, , the French philosopher, expressed doubts about the number of victims. The French govt not only banned his book, but also brought Garaudy to trial. These are the claimants of advocating ."

Literatur des post-nationalsozialistischen Deutschlands 

Filme in diesem Fall auch, genau so wie Theaterstücke.

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