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unpopular opinion about a current meta movement involving cws Show more

"Theory of Enchantment" (lecture) Show more

"Theory of Enchantment" (lecture) Show more

Lecture by Chloé Simone Valdary titled "Theory of Enchantment", talking about the discourse on the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, restorative justice, and ethics based on the premise that we will criticize not to destroy but to uplift one another, with the intention to help them flourish.

who even is richard stallman? why is he trying to take credit for open source software? open source was invented by linux torvalds

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Ich habe ein Ticket für den #35c3 Kongress (Normalpreis) weiter zu geben; Bitte Nachricht via Mastodon

There is a German YouTube channel called Filmanalyse. It's a person who creates movie reviews using Marxist ideas. A lot of his videos are quite interesting

Does anyone know a blog or YouTube channel or something where critical reviews of media are published? Especially interested in video game reviews.

What I mean by critical is not only how enjoyable the gameplay mechanics are, how nice it looks etc., but a thorough look at the ideology of the reviewed work, and criticism of oppressive aspects.

Any NYC black trans/gnc folk:

tweet text reads: "If you are a Black Trans/GNC person in NYC who will be food insecure this holiday season, The Okra Project will be providing FREE personal chef-prepared meals IN YOUR HOME. And all the chefs are Black TGNC folx! DM me for details!"


Note: I am not the author of the tweet just sharing it and its content here

I asked for permissions on Mastodon's translation platform weeks ago, and I haven't received any response since. That's how @Gargron and co. treat someone who completely revised and completed the German translation of the Mastodon web interface 🤷🏻

Racism in Beyond Good and Evil 2 (video game) Show more

Racism in Beyond Good and Evil 2 (video game) Show more

Racism in Beyond Good and Evil 2 (video game) Show more

Racism in Beyond Good and Evil 2 (video game) Show more

Is anybody here a diagnosed or self-identified schizoid?

If so please reach out, I'd like to talk.

I'd like some recommendations for video games, books, and other media.

I'm looking for media with a cast of cute boys, girls, and enbies who are in a big polycule and it's really wholesome?

If they aren't in a polycule I'd also like to hear about it. :3

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