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Apparently Catholics are not people addicted to cats. This is disappointing.

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Somehow the "direct messages" page in the web interface makes the web interface just go blank. Maybe a dev should have a look at it.

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@burgin *rising up out of bog under light of full moon, wild animals fleeing in terror, stench of death and decay filling the air* have you heard the good word of gnu info

your daily reminder that the sudden elimination of a capitalist state will not address homophobia, racism, ableism, and other implicit biases

even if the revolution was tomorrow, we would still have work to do to get to an actually equitable world

one of the reasons that white anarchists frustrate me is this belief that if you topple the state, the goodness of people will float up and all that pesky racism stuff will melt away.

this is a dangerous belief. the revolution doesn't end at revolt.

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Erm, Leute. Es hat geklappt. Einfach so. Ich bin jetzt auch vor dem Staat Laura und weiblich. Ohne Gutachten. Ohne Gericht. Für 23€ Verwaltungsgebühr.


students, emailing me: Dear Professor,

me, sitting naked in bed eating cookies out of a bag: lol

So I dug a little deeper and I found Léonie Watson, who is a blind web developer who did talks and interviews on web design.

If you know of others, I'm still interested of course.

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