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a game about furries fighting against nazis 

DSA cop caucus is happy to announced their endorsement for kamala harris

Bad meming 

I just saw a boat flying an American flag and a makhnovist flag....

i must be really stupid but when i add a launcher icon to my bar adn say run /usr/bin/fish it doesnt do anything. any help? ddg isnt being useful

So people actually list they work for ice on linkedin. Just saying

i'm a free association extremist, which means i will block tf out of your instance if i see some rascist/homophobic/transphobic/etc bullshit coming from your direction

weird climate question 

The news said ice agents are "just trying to do their job". Well if we dox all of them can we use the excuse "we were just trying to have fun"?

shit goes into splunk, and shit comes out. you cant explain that

its kind of weird how r kelly is back arrested and getting more coverage than epstein...

i just saw the weirdest thing ever i got about 40 firewall drops with a source on a 10 which i dont use to addresses that did not resolve on port 8888.

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