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also truck bro with a ram 3500 with fully extended tow mirrors with no trailer and 12" wide mud tires on fuel wheels on a slightly wet and salty road: *rolls off into a ditch on the side of the road*

this is the 2nd time this week ive looked over and hurt my neck :(

i cant wait until covid is over so we can have brutal labor crackdowns by capital owners

Taken from another part of the internet, but the punk house must see.

oh look my state bought 11 year old dead platform that is shitbox tier suvs with a v6 base engine because fuck you well waste all the money we want. what are you going to do cry?

Oh you could use this 11ish million dollars to help the poor or schools or whatever? Well fuck you we are going to buy the literal worst suvs on the market

also cops shouldnt exist but thats a different convo i guess

@frickhaditcoming days since boring company electric gravity slingshot plus paraglider pod accidents: 0

my coworker just told me he watches louder with crowder at work and i pretended to think that he was saying "chowder" and asked if it was a new england clam chowder

my new temp manager just asked all of us individually in a call if we had children. gotta start the day with illegal shit i guess

i just watched like a 20 minute video of a guy trying to overclock a 40mhz i486 to 100mhz. What a fucking moron he could have gone to goodwill and got the cheapest computer and it would have been way faster.

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