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The guy at work finally stopped saying "cache" as Kah-shay

ok maybe turning on follow request thing was bad because it takes effort. brb gonna do the dishes

The grassroots campaign to get AOC a fake ID so she can run for president before she's 35 is gaining momentum. We've raised over $83! With your help, we can put the right candidate in the White House.

Oh joy yahboy beto is running for president. Milquetoast/centrism 2020

huh turns out an fbi narc followed me and i missed that

people complaining the rich unfairly buy their way into college now. oh boy do i have a story for you. stay a while and listen

100 boosts and I give my thatcherite dad an IWW application form

So China is gonna help Venezuela fix their shit after this botched coup. Mission accomplished as Bush said I guess

So instead of an ova they now gave me a tar.gz that contains about 25 tar.gz files and a .sh file that moves them to root and extracts them. Good thing no one has invented a packagemanage yet

Some boomer at work is talking about circuit city. What millennium is it again?

A vendor justmgave me a "patch" in the form of an ova file. What the fuck

My plans for the weekend, default dance on the new VMware cluster to assert dominance

Yeah, Dark Souls 3, set in Venezuela, is proof that socialism doesn't work.

Holy shit my coworker said he didnt go to sleep last night

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