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Some boomer at work is talking and they just paid thier last mortgage payment of 694$. Must be nice

USB-C is one of the worst things that ever happened to computers.

my fucking camera is indeed trying to charge my computer. fuck this.

im watching a video about abestos and it really sucks that it will fuck your lungs up because its nearly magical

Politics (USA)

A reminder that #Warren is an β€œex” Republican, a capitalist, and pretended to be a PoC for ~2 decades.

#NeverWarren #Bernie2020

i just got contacted about a 3 month contract. what the fuck? whats even the point

figures the 1 night i have monday off street fight isnt on yet

Warren, ec 

i should just sell my house and buy a cabin and innawoods until the end times

hell yeah my fios hell continues. they are charging me for a month of renting their router when i have my own. turns out if the installer just registers their router you are on the hook for 15$ for the first month even if you return it in less than a week. also since its already next months bill cycle they are only refunding 9.50$. good 19.40$ scam fuck verizon

Baltimore was supposed to have a subway built that would connect the east & west sides (existing transit mostly goes north-south) but it was cut by our republican governor and the money was instead used to pay for new highways and expanding existing highways in EVERY COUNTY in Maryland EXCEPT Baltimore City.

Baltimore is by far the largest city in MD (not the capital) and is 63% black, 30% white. Meanwhile the rest of the state (excluding Baltimore city) is 64% white and only 26% black.

I wonder why our republican governor cut a public transit project in baltimore to fund highways everywhere else in the state? hmmm,, :marx_think:

wow i just saw some kid get turned down from buying tobacco. totally forgot you have to be 21 now

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