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this "sparks joy" shit really needs to end especially at work.

Zucchini and cucumbers are flowering. Also is there a such thing as too many flowers on a tomato plant? Its tall and lanky and kind of limp but has like 5-8 groups of flowers or soon to be?

:drake_dislike: What would Jesus do?
:drake_like: Werewolf Justice Dept.

I wonder if hauwei prices will drop in the States and if it would be worth it picking one up and reflashing it

if we were to create a vinyl plating around the equator and put a giant needle in space, we could create the world's largest record. please donate to my kickstarter

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im getting kind of bored with this instance :( might just be mastodon

The best genre of post is "oh, you say cops/CEOs/landlords/etc are bad, but what if I were to tell you that awful person is my father?"

Fuck your dad. We're all someone's kids. You think people making others lives miserable get a pass because they have kids? They don't.

I dont remember if my phone always had dogshit battery life or its dieing

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Chuds guy had a semi valid point. Giving a few million when you are worth billions is just for the PR and tax brakes but doesnt mean it was bad. Its almost comical what dipshit conservatives almost get the whole mega wealthy class thing, the flip everyone the finger and take a giant shit

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The whole “People are too quick to block” crowd remind me of those dudes who constantly want to know why you won’t go out w them because apparently “I don’t feel like it” isn’t an acceptable reason.

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Lastly I got some Scotch bonnets, and 2 kinds of Basil. Not bad for 1/2 off. Some are a bit roughed but still growing.

So I got some raspberries, some ghost peppers, some heirloom tomatos, and some jalapeños. The tomatos are growing and blooming but kind of droopy. Not sure what the deal is with them.

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