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i love how youtubes algorithm sees me watching a bunch of hydroponic videos where a large chunk appear to be from south asian, so clearly that means i want to see random indian youtube vidoes.

I don't know whats annoying 3 generation of old Jewish women with a baby of the fact the baby needs to be in all pink with a bow and wearing a tutu because thats what girls wear and not a Bryce Harper jersey

i cant stop giggling every time someone says "the siemens equipment"

literally every microsoft product is complete dogshit. i cant really go into detailed but how exchange sync and mobile devices is so fucking dumb i have no clue how it exists

welp killed all my foxglove trying to transplant them from starters so started some more in 2 cups. also thinking about just moving to straight hydro setup. my peppers dont seem to be digging the soil too much

someone at work is calling regex "regedit" and its driving me up a wall

do i need to know about x1 through x85 before i start learning x86

just saw a new reactionary talking point now that some republicans want to "legalize" (read as give their friends a monopoly on it) weed. Apparently since there is no sobriety test for it you cant legalize it. muscle relaxers, pain killers and just being tired, all know for having very accurate and scientifically proven sobriety tests.

ok so hear me out on this, cops need to be tazed to carry a tazer, so why dont they need to get shot to carry a gun? its just simple logic

the new best of the worst album fucking rules. not really sure how 2010s posthardcore breakdowns and ska beats and horns mix but they do

Got speed trapped as soon as it went from 45 to a 25 by some pig that looked like a thumb. Had a thin blue line ring too

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