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Whenever someone says "I have this skill" 90% of the time they actually mean "I could probably learn that skill before you noticed I can't do it"

the lady who wrote all the street fighter music lied to capcom that she had experience programming synth music, what im saying is lying about your qualifications is a time honored tradition and you should do it

Ive slowly been training my cat to sit when she eats. Its gonna be cool to have a cat that sits on command

@some_qualia Solar isn't even as clean as people think: unless you're talking the huge salt melting arrays, there's a significant rare earth metal cost , and solar still kills more people per terrawatt hour than nuclear fission.

I don't have the energy to explain to people that their hysteria over nuclear power is based on a misunderstanding 70 year old tech that is still safer AND less radioactive than any given coal plant and that if we don't go to zero emissions within the next 10 years we are all gonna die.

Also, putting solar panels on everyone's roofs isn't gonna cut it because the technology is not there yet, especially not north of Texas.

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On the top is the Capitalist class, then the Petit-Bourgeoisie, then the peasants... the proletariat, the Lumpenproletariat... and lastly... the Gamertariat at the bottom... holding up society

@SquidPresident i don’t want to see pictures of your tyrant baby captioned “this is his poop face!” like what the fuck

The only people I actively discriminate against are Instagram moms

most web apps are basically just a gui for databases.

People hate being wage slaves, and it just so happens they're less tolerant of it on Mondays.

i have been kicked out of six schools for liberating the library computers with trisquel GNU+linux and i would happily do it again

white people really be out here saying shit like “the police put their lives on the line to protect us,” huh?


FOSS 👏 is 👏 inherently 👏 political 👏 and 👏 anti-capitalist 👏

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