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i just got an email saying the next time our passwords expire they need to be 20-30 characters long. good thing im not on the IAM team

also dont get me wrong biden IS a racist and has enacted racist policy but he isnt openly fascist

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this might be my hottest take yet but after seeing what happened last night not voting for biden means you are complicit with explicit racism and fascism.

it feels real fucking bad but well cross that bridge when we get there

yfw you pay more in taxes in 1 month than a "billionaire" president did in a year

The Louisville Community Bail Fund is fake, donate to the Bail Project who are actually bailing out protestors right now. (straight from Louisville organizers)

very cool one of our c level execs just made it very clear that he doesnt know what "netflix and chill" means in front of god knows how many people

i love when you get a cold call email for a job with no pay range and you ask the pay range and they reply asking what you are looking for. well obviously im looking for like a billion dollars a yaer but you wont give me that so why did you fucking ask me. im not fucking stupid i know you are hoping i will low ball myself

honestly how can you be so fucking stupid to do what they did

i just heard about SRA security "issue". just more proof that they are cointelpro.

oh fuck i went from not enough caffeine to way too much really fast

its gonna feel weird getting 6-7" of hair cut off in less than 2 hours

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