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Me: Oh, it's after midnight! Death to America day is over. I wonder what day it is now?
Me, checking a calendar: would you look at that, it's death to America day!

Ive yelled "Alexia play some ska" multiple time and it doesn't seem to understand

there is an actual fireworks show going off near me. do they know that it isnt the 4th yet?

preemptive 4th of july shit post 

how fucking dare you liberals say "happy 4th of july", ALL COUNTRIES matter

masks, uspol, male entitlement 

All these right-wingers like "masks are psychological warfare", "covid is a conspiracy to inject us with nanobot trackers masquerading as vaccines"—did Fox News forget to mention to them that facial recognition exists now?

Personally I am sad for the day I'll have to stop wearing one. For now, men can't even tell me to smile.

In extremely ODB voice: Oxygenos is good but lineageos is the best

it looks like lineageos on my 7pro doesnt recognize my sim card. fucking neato

OK im going to have a shit load of Dill. This is only the first cutting

it blows my mind that billion dollar companies cant hire a technical writer to write instructions that go out to the whole company.

sorry buddy but i think your government is shit and so is your apologia

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