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dear liberal media: stop talking about what the "Founders" thought or didn't think. it doesn't fucking matter what some long dead racist shitheads thought about fuck all. we are here and they are not. hope this helps

Remember that time mastodon found out Nancy Reagan was the undisputed throat goat?

cyber security PSA 

According to the security awareness training I have to do for work, illicitly using a public charging station to access the device's data is called "juice jacking" :floshd:

damn who could have seen another 6-3 ruling coming. we are so fucked

damn so i guess now the states can just fast track drilling or pipelines or whatever they fucking want to do. thats pretty insane shit to say that native sovereign nations are now actually part of the state.

Just a note, but any "activist" action with planned mass arrests should be avoided at all costs.

when i quit this job im going to tell them that it was because they forced me to work on windows. i have been "permissioned" 3 times and still dont have the correct rights to run this shit.

good morning everyone, bitcoin fell below 20k again how is your day going?

oh, you haven't come up with a procedure for determining whether an arbitrary program halts? casual

lol my work asked us how we preferred to be shown we are appreciated. "money" wasnt an option but the opportunity to volunteer was one and so was "High Five(virtual)"

they should probably update those usda plant hardiness zones

uspol shitpost, gender and sexual idenity, and obviously christianity 

oh shit why didnt something think that sexuality and gender identity are freeze peach? then the scotus would protect it like Christianity right? RIGHT?

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