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I just got banned form a gardening discord for calling a piece of shit governor a chud lol

Saw a guy at the store with one of those stupid skullface bandanas on and a shirt that said infidel over a skull with crossed ar15s on a shield. Totally normal shit im sure hes a totally normal good guy

the butthole surfers would be a great name for a band tbh

im the least musical person and nearly tone deaf but skatoon networks' new video is fucking amazing on explaining things

DSA having a zoom meeting. I guess it was possible to get shittier

Local home depot has a line of like 50 people out front with cops with ar15s directing everyone. Also where the fuck did everyone get 3m n95 dust masks

This has been the last 30 minutes of my life. Josephine wont let me pet her on pick her up either.

local news ran some ecofash shit about how the earth is healing duing all this and its not a bad thing. then they interviewed someone from the heritage foundation saying its actually a bad thing(tm) because the economy is falling apart.

so cool we got eco fash on one side, and full blown psychopath capitalist crypto fash on the other. what a choice

so i accidentally bought cottage cheese instead of rocotta. just made like a 10lb lasagna. i guess im midwest trash now

so my wifes work is now making them all wear masks and scrubs so thats good i guess. she wont get pepper pants tho :(

i drank some water a little too fast while on a work call before coming off mute and it went down the wrong way and i cant stop coughing. people are telling me i need to go to the hospital now. what a way to start the day

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