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So I got asked what you tell realitives what you do at work, so I said "nerd shit". Glad they got mad when its what I say. I dont have 30 minutes to explain shit to my grandma

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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

i just came to the realization if i ever have a kid they are 100% gonna get arrested

in under 4 minutes of posting that someone with no avatar followed me. hello fbi

people are spoiled today, i remember back in college we had to use a fonera running openwrt, a laptop battery, and an sd card soldered into gpio ports. either way this is funny. also its funny when you realized that they move around chairs and you have to wonder around building slooking for a specific mac address

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Someone just gave me a 717b tar.gz claiming it was an ova file. Its 100% a binary that after looking at it in an editor is a license file....

Or what ever chuds that have white new balances and old Navy American flag tshirts and unironically think their Chevy Malibu is a good car thought.

Its weird how the news just gave up on this caravan was going to turn every cracklebarrel into an ISIS mosque that sells heroin to white children

PSA: Ad hominem is only applicable within the framework of a debate. Not every interaction is a debate. People have to agree to that framework.

You get a LOT of mouthbreathers insisting you are in a debate and telling them to fuck off is ad hom. They're wrong. They just wanna be in a debate with you because it implies you're at least peers. They aren't.

Image: two measuring rulers, with a "no" slashed circle over them. Inset image of ancom flag :ancomheart: with text: this meme made by No rulers gang

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