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LOL my coworker said he had friends that "lost his job over this" referring to being mandated to wear a mask

had an issue with ksh93 at work. Wasn't sure what millennium it was for a bit

i had a night terror last night where i had worms and needed dewormer but because all the chuds are taking it for covid i couldn't get any. you know normal dream stuff.

trying to trouble shoot a computer not displaying over text with my brother and sister is a huge pain in the ass

Saw a replica Mothman and 8' tall Bigfoot at the International cryptozoology museum. Also apparently Santa is a cryptid

Also I bet that fuckhead thinks they really got me good. Brah a paint pen is 17$ and coming to my house Monday.

My goal is to be dead 162 years and still piss off racists in a state that the Confederates didnt even get within 500 miles of. Fucking legend John brown. Never did anything wrong in your life

If you have a "no proud boys" sign I will buy what ever you sell. Just sayung

From what I gathered driving through connecticut the place is cursed as fuck

ever notice how the same arguments that are used why chuds shouldn't have to be vaccinated in the workplace are literally the same arguments used by people to defend systems like slavery, child labor, pretty much any thing poor working condition related, segregation, etc? Fucking weird how that works right? While denying healthcare treatment to a group of people is a crime against humanity, they deserve to die in a field like the hogs they are.

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