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Why do chuds think they are so clever? There isnt anything witty, clever, or funny about saying "aknhually, we need bots to pick thier own gender". If I didn't need this job I should have banged on the conference table and screamed Hahaha, shut the hellup. Maybe on day

I like how the vendor refuses to fix their archive function because it "works". So ive asked them if they would void the support if I just scripted my own. 2 weeks later ive got 4 nonanswers to questions I didn't ask

Ok so let me get this straight: jackasses are getting useless RFIDs and magnets implanted in their skin but a trans girl can't just call up a biohacker on the dark web and get an estradiol implant?

ok im back and this time i turned off sid and back ports so no mistakes

Woops.I fucked up my pinning and 1/2 my system is now sid. Time to reinstall

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Someone should make a movie that is essentially Beowulf but its a dude in security that fights his company, auditors, and eventually whistle blows and gets thrown in jail for years.

Preferably with the ripping off arms and beheadings still left in

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Is there any way I can fake having a kid so I can use that as an excuse to leave work early? Not sure why parents can but I cant

Spacex is sending a billionaire to the moon. The rocket should be a comrade and do some praxis like explode or.burn up in reentry

This whole corporate feminism thing at work is bullshit who gives a fuck that the a VP and a director are female and "breaking" the glass ceiling. Want to know how many females are under my director that arent admin assistants? 0. How about we start there instead of acting like lucking out is a victory. While were at it working on hiring PoC would be nice too

Insane that our comrades in New Orleans JBGC have been accused of being terrorists for exerising their second amendment rights.

If you like bread and butter pickles, you're a cop. 100% chance

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