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looks like proudboy chuds are coming to my city in a few weeks. also imagine having the name dick schwets

damn hank aaron died today :( im not as much a baseball fan as i use to be but he might have been the greatest batter ever. one of like what 5 or 6 to be in the 500/3000 club and still holds the record for rbis and extra bases.

just found out that there is a limit to files in a directory. no idea something like that existed and yes it is a FS limitation.

i think my new boss thinks im an idiot. he told me i need to "do senior work to justify a promotion". told him in doing architecture work which is a paygrade over that and i need to be compensated for the paygrade of work i do.

yeah dude let me do a bunch of free work because then the business will obviously see that i should get paid more and not the fact that im doing free work and it becomes the new norm

also i seriously under estimated how many peppers would come up and how few id kill.

why does my work wait until literally the last day to give us our digital w2. just give it to me now jfc

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