Ok, with kiddos help, I got this bed moved to its spot. . The ground is a little uneven, so I'll have to do a bit of digging

The ground here is compressed dirt and gravel, like a driveway. I'm gonna line the bottom with cardboard (with a sprinkle of corn meal to attract earthworms) and then layer on some seasoned wood.

Yes that is some lil guy artwork on the cardboard

Doing battle with some very large spiders who nested in this wood. I'm trying not to kill them because well, this is their turf, not mine

In fact I'm gonna take a break now that I've disturbed them so I can rest and they can relocate

Bottom of the future bed is lined with seasoned bigleaf maple logs. This is gonna be a hugel-style bed in that it will use this wood to store carbon for future plant growth. The other advantage of doing this is the wood soaks up water during rainy periods and saves it up for the plants to access during dry spells. Next will come layers of finer-grained compostable materials like twigs, wood chips, leaves, grass clippings and plant trimmings.

@frickhaditcoming I've never done it before, but I had what turned out to be a perfect amount of an ideal wood, so why not try it out


@interneteh I might make a raised bed next year deer pulled my buckets over twice and the wind got them a few time too

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@frickhaditcoming raised beds like this one can be converted into a hoop house pretty easily. This would deter deer. My neighbor does it to prevent her weed crop from getting moldy in the rain

@interneteh @frickhaditcoming we are planning to do this with some of our raised beds next year, mostly as the next escalation in our war against tomato blight

@redoak @frickhaditcoming the other bed I made like this was a tomato growing beast. I recommend rabbit manure.

@interneteh i was actually thinking about putting 4x4 on the corners and midway and then putting solar panels over teh top.i have a full sun south facing back yard.

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