@mischiefbrewer those green ones with the specs on them taste like weird sweat that runs down your face and into your mouth when you are lifting weights

@frickhaditcoming Yeah it鈥檚 awful
he voted on a really disgusting bathroom bill here in California that explicitly targeted trans kids in schools ( thankfully it did not pass)

@frickhaditcoming I guess it depends which war they're commemorating - it could be part of the 75th anniversary of VE Day...

@frickhaditcoming @Gargron

That鈥檚 100% right. It鈥檚 paid for by tax-paying citizens in the currency of hard work, sacrifice, fair opportunities for education, health services, effective social services and a judicial system that treats all equally. That鈥檚 the _real_ price of freedom.

So fuck your so-called free-market capitalism, and shoot-first-ask-questions-later policing, and over-priced privatized education and healthcare, and profits-over-people corporate politics, and whites-only rights.

@shahaan @Gargron i dont know what the fuck you are talking about. all works have their surplus labor value stolen from them, our health service is a fucking joke at best unless you are rich and literally ruins peoples lives when used unless they are rich, what social services, and clearly you live under a fucking rock if you think there is a fair justice system. there are protests in every fucking state because cops cant fucking stop killing black people. get the fuck out of here


Umm... Please re-read what I wrote.

My comment was a reply to Jelly Belly basically spelling out the 鈥渞eal鈥 cost of freedom, as opposed to their abhorrent ad which makes it clear that they believe war, soldiers, US global military dominance, etc., are what keep the American people 鈥渇ree.鈥

Also, I don鈥檛 live under a rock. I live in Canada. Hello to you too, neighbour. 馃憢


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