sorry if this is a subtoot but i saw some posts about body armor and i dont know the poster and they have no replies so i didnt want to jump in, but if you are buying armor make sure you know what kind of armor your getting. soft armor will not stop rifle caliber rounds. here is a little guide i stole. you are going to want at least level III plates to stop AR rounds preferable III+ to stop green tips

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Body armor, body horror 

@frickhaditcoming I posted something about body armor, but idk if...whatever. yeah the other thing is steel plates are gonna have "spalling" which means instead of just squishing down, deflecting off, or getting absorbed by the armor, the round will split into fragments. Many of which would probably get embedded in your arms and face.

Body armor 

@frickhaditcoming I saw some DIY armor experiments that seem somewhat(?) promising(?) involving HDPE blocks wrapped in fiberglass and backed with 1/4" mild steel.

Body armor 

@teslas_moustache ive seen someone use ceramic tiles layered with steel plates, kevlar, and epoxy. i still rather pay for something thats proven to work. plus anti spalling is really nice

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