also i seriously under estimated how many peppers would come up and how few id kill.

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@frickhaditcoming mine never managed to take roots x.x

In which conditions are you growing them? I may need to acquire a small greenhouse with uv lighting

@Arteneko uv light will kill them. but i have a mix of LED lights. i have a spider farmer sf2000 and 2 vivosun panels. i think the vivosun have a better distribution of light but the amount of wires and what not are going to keep me from getting more. i want one of the big 4x4 series of bars but LOL MONEY

@frickhaditcoming yeah I'm super short on money, I'd like to get like only 4 hot pepper plants started so not a big deal in size, but cannot find anything small enough here...

@Arteneko honestly you might be able to just cover a 2x2 or 3x3 broom closet or big box in tinfoil or mylar. for a 2x2 room id recommend the vivosun. its good build and very power efficient and you can get it for about 100$. so you are playing the long game with it vs a shop light or a regular lamp with the vapor bulbs that take like 4x more power

@frickhaditcoming oof, I'm gonna note that somewhere, but I'm far from being able to spend 100$ right now

@Arteneko understandable. i know there are much cheaper led lights but i wouldnt run the risk of getting say a 40$ led panel and have it turn out to be shit and break in 3 months or just not be bright enough. if you are just starting seeds for outside, and you can find a tube shop light you can put them a few inches over the seedling and they work until they get bigger

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