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Garsenda of Provence was a powerful noble, a shrewd politician, and an all-around boss. So of course, some dude called her fat.

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Found a much better version of that PETA thing

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Even if it is opt-in, user profile directory popularity contests are not likely to have a good outcome.

Try not to design systems which foster personality cults. There's too much of that in the silos already.

There was a really weird copaganda campaign in major media in Sweden yesterday.
Three major newspapers (that I saw) carried major articles where cops that abuse dogs by wielding them as weapons against people were complaining about people "attacking their dogs" when police attacked the people using those abused dogs.
You know what a really simple solution would be?
Don't use dogs, horses or any other sentient beings as your weapons. If you do, then at least half the responsibility for the consequence of your choice is yours.
Also, all those cops should be prosecuted for animal abuse.

What a shamefully obviously easily manipulated press corps.

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Hey y’all, in case you’ve blocked them preemptively, I just heard from the proactive and receptive @admin ( and they’ve applied switter’s patch to add CWs to media.... so no more free-range porn in your TLs, should you choose to un-silence.

[sees a cop] disgusting. they shouldnt be out in public. how am i supposed to explain that to my kids

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Hell yeaH I'm a PAWG

Advocate of

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Would you guys be surprised to learn that the Grindlewald movie contains actual Nazi apologia?

remember, folks...


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