Another far-Right, ex-military, meme obsessed, "commie" hating, attempted mass shooter Drian Clyde took aim at a federal building today, the 4 year anniversary of the Dylann Roof massacre in South Carolina.

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"Another reason the past is so attractive is we know how it turned out. We survived it, so we can romanticize it. It was safe, even though there were lots of scary things, they were fun because we survived. If we do the same things now, the fallacy goes, we'll be safe once again. Of course it doesn't work that way."

-- Dave Winer

Groundbreaking Report Gives Us a Glimpse of the #US #Military’s Gigantic Carbon Footprint

There are a lot of superlatives that can be used to describe the U.S. military. It represents the biggest chunk of the federal budget. It’s extremely good at killing people. And it’s also a prolific carbon emitter and serial #oil user.

“The war machine is thirsty for oil.”

#ClimateBreakdown #Oil #FossilFuel

Saw some videos of lads in Hong Kong responding to tear gas so fuckin effectively

Cops would fire a canister at a group of protestors, and then 5-6 people would run over and douse it or throw a damp rag over it to throw it back at the cops. That’s some SHIT man. That’s incredible. That’s a level of organized that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any demos in the US

ACP received today a proposal from an ads company, offering us the opportunity to write sponsored content for a company that "revolutionizes the cannabis industry", arguing that such content would "spark the interest of [our] readers". You won't see this ad. Choose your strain wisely though. I personally like orange bud.

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Unfaithful boyfriend meme where Quark looks aghast as Rom turns to check out Karl Marx in a red dress

Two Portland protesters who doused cops with glitter and lubricant get sentenced to five days in jail. The judge said “you don’t have the appropriate amount of respect" for the police. Lack of respect for cops shouldn't be considered in sentencing.

Fed: We’re here to ask you a few questions Miss-

Me: Mf I’ve never snitched in my wholeass life and won’t start now🤬!

Fed: We’re with the IRS, we just wanna ask about the company you work fo-

Me: Well make yourself comfortable baby and call me Snitchelodeon 💅🏽.

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