Report finds US sanctions on Venezuela are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. This year will be much worse, authors say, if sanctions continue.

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a great way to celebrate easter is nailing this guy to a cross


District Office

Principals Office

Pekin High School
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FAX 309-477-4377

"Bottled water made by Whole Foods and Dr. Pepper have unsafe amounts of arsenic."

Whole Foods, owned by Amazon? Why am I not surprised...

I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?

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CS Lewis's spiritual successors include Ben Stein and Jordan Peterson

Ben Stein made a self-help book called How To Ruin Your Life that almost beat for beat mirrors Screwtape letters in the framing of "rules for life except we recommend doing bad things instead of good things"

Jordy P's 12 rules for life also reflects screwtape letters in the context of "common-sense obvious statements told as though they were really insightful" as packaging for monstrous reactionary bullshit


What one may consider a threat may be considered just minimum level human decency by another.
Those differences tell a lot about their basic views of both humans and how society in general should be; a threat to survival or a foundation for survival.

It's no longer "socialism or barbarism". Now it's "socialism or extinction".

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Saw a bald eagle yesterday. I wasnโ€™t happy about that. Bald eagles steal fish from ospreys instead of hunting for themselves, and theyโ€™ll take eggs and hatchlings, too, if they can get away with it. Theyโ€™re big, powerful, lazy thieves that get fat on the expropriated labor and lives of others. I feel like thatโ€™s a symbol for something.

#Games #Blizzard #Eugenics #Sexism #Capitalism

This is horrific & not getting anywhere near the attention it deserves.

-For companies like Activision Blizzard, Ovia offers its services as a way to lower medical costs and increase productivity. -

"I want them to have a healthy baby because it's great for our business experience," Ezzard said. "Rather than having a baby who's in the neonatal ICU, where she's not able to focus much on work."

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