death of Black man under suspicious circumstances 

Elijah Weatherspoon: Black Boater’s Death In South Carolina Needs Answers | NewsOne

preemptive 4th of july shit post 

how fucking dare you liberals say "happy 4th of july", ALL COUNTRIES matter

Not for profit.

Disco de apoyo a Marius Mason.

Este disco se editó por primera vez en 1999. En 2008 fue reeditado por el grupo de apoyo de Marius, con el objetivo de recaudar fondos. En 2017 lo sacamos por estas latitudes, con la intención de dar a conocer el caso de Marius, fomentar el apoyo y conseguir algo de dinero para su campaña. Todos los beneficios de este CD llegarán a su grupo de apoyo.

Libreto de 12 páginas + CD de audio

there are definitely problems with fedi but I do enjoy that i can be certain that on Saturday #DeathToAmerica will be trending #onhere


Text-Only : Drill Down To County Level And The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Looks Even Worse

hey frens!! bandcamp are waiving their revenue share again. if you're considering buying our EP today is the day to do it!!

only if you have spare cash obvs. otherwise listen on spotify or download from bandcamp for free ✨

Foreign Affairs: Unrest continues for a seventh day in former British colony - Thai Enquirer

From June 2, but an extremely well written article.

free software griping 

I really want to like lemmy, the developers seem great, but it has SPA disease and is slow as fuck. Meanwhile, is beautifully architected and designed, but will never have federation, and currently hosts a repulsive community of reactionaries.


🦀🦀🦀 /r/ChapoTrapHouse has been banned 🦀🦀🦀

(Now I won't waste as much time on Reddit...)

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ACP 🎉🍰

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