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Its real boomer hours at work. Some parents are talking about an email thier school sent telling them what different scruncies mean. I know what im giving out during trick or treat with my free drug samples

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the US government last night gave it's approval of a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. This area is home to kurdish people who have set up a democratic communalist system of self-government there. It is anti-patriarchal, ecological, socialist and multi-ethnic. This is literally one of the most promising front lines of #decolonial struggle. It is one of the front lines for #ClimateJustice. These are the folks that defeated IS. It is now thrown under the bus by the West.


"The strike by... General Motors workers... has been driven largely by Wall Streetโ€™s demands that GM... fundamentally transform their model of employment relations...

The hedge funds and financial investors who hold GMโ€™s fate in their hands are demanding the company increase the profits it extracts from workers... At the same time, they are demanding GM continue to dole out billions for stock buybacks and dividend payments to attract wealthy investors.

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If they straight Hugo Chavez this mf just to keep poor ppl from having their insulin I swear to fucking GOD..

Look at this hero.

Robert Smalls (April 5, 1839 โ€“ February 23, 1915) was an American businessman, publisher, and politician. Born into slavery in Beaufort, South Carolina, he freed himself, his crew, and their families during the American Civil War by commandeering a Confederate transport ship, CSS Planter, in Charleston harbor, on May 13, 1862, and sailing it from Confederate-controlled waters of the harbor to the U.S. blockade that surrounded it.


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