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There are decades where you fuck around, and weeks where you find out.

There are two Rogers inside you; Steve Rogers and Fred Rogers . They mutually support each other's growth.

I forgot that wondermark did a comic about people who watched the presidential debate

Amazing that out of nine houses in a civilization literally founded upon necromancy, only one of the houses is goth.

Silphium is an extinct plant which once grew in North Africa. In the ancient Mediterranean, it was used as a seasoning, perfume, medicine, aphrodisiac, and contraceptive.

It was the main trade item from the city of Cyrene in what is now Libya. Silphium was so important to Cyrenese trade, the plant was stamped onto their coins. Some of those coins show only the seed pods of the plant, which are heart shaped – and some people speculate this may be where the now ubiquitous heart symbol originally came from πŸ’š

Going to watch Inland Empire on my phone, and there's nothing David Lynch can do to stop me.

I want to make Riot Medicine zines. I have ideas about what would be useful and layouts but I want to hear from you folx:

1. What do you think would make a good medical zine?
2. What are zines you think were well laid out and designed?

Your software should be usable on a Pentium II with 256 MB of RAM.

TIL that the soundtrack to Justice League (2017) was by Danny Elfman. I saw the movie, but didn't realize, because it didn't sound like him; it's very generic. The only really memorable music in it was callbacks to other themes – notably Elfman's own Batman (1989). (There were also musical callbacks to Wonder Woman (2017), Superman (1978), and a very stealthy one to The Flash (TV: 2014)).

Using it this morning now that it's finished compiling everything... it is ridiculously fast. Wish I could build it for my work machine (Windows).

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Compiling the native-compilation branch of emacs while I do some light reading. Hope to post on gemini about it later.

Really hoping there'll be an autumn 2020 mix (and soon).

gemini:// (currently down)

Best purchase I think a black bloccer can make is a 30$ set of coveralls from red kap. I've had comrades tell makes bloccing so simple

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