@bob @anna the truth is that the whole operation isn't that sophisticated. it's just that old people who are inexperienced with technology, highly susceptible to propaganda through traditional mediums, highly tribal and value fitting in over thinking for themselves and with easily pressable and widely known emotional buttons form a large and easily exploited lowest common denominator, and with how america does elections, that's enough to swing an election.

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fucked up how gender critical doesnt mean rolling a 20 on gender

"In retrospect, itโ€™s unsurprising that a lot of New Atheism devolved into reactionary, antifeminist, and even white supremacist thought, because it was never really about the things it claimed to be about. The dominant affect of New Atheism wasnโ€™t humility, or reflexivity, or curiosity, all the things one truly needs to improve intellectually. It was smugness."

The Magical Thinking of Guys Who Love Logic: theoutline.com/post/7083/the-m

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Twin independent floating heads.
Twin independent floating heads!
TWIN independent FLOATING heads!!!

1992: our candidates are probably lying about having never smoked weed

2019: our candidates are probably lying about having smoked weed

Just listened to the latest episode of Chapo, where the guest goes in depth into what's actually involved in unionizing your workplace, and it really hit home to me that I am way too neurodivergent to be involved in that work no matter how strongly I support it.

@SallyStrange In my language, Chichewa, there's a word that means "scooping up/squeezing out/pouring out/slurping up/gathering up the remains of something" (as one would the last bit of toothpaste, or the last morsels of food). I can't, for the life of me, find an english equivalent that not only captures the act, but conveys the frustration that this action inspires. The word is: Kukombezela.

jokes aside there's a lot to be said about a prosecutor known for her overprosecution of nonviolent drug offenses lying about having smoked weed to appear "hip" and "with it"

Medium, the website that's 90% "we're so sad that we're shutting down our startup" postings by volume

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