Remember: don't confess to crimes online. Not even if they are cool and good crimes, and not even in DMs, on any social media platform. Save it for in person or over E2E comms.

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@gcupc Even over voice calls - I'd bet a dollar that free Google Meet calls are being retained and analysed, even if probabilistically.

If it's on a G Suite domain, however, then you WILL be informed if speech recognition or recording is in effect or not.

@riking @gcupc It doesn't warn you, actually. It does speech recognition (closed captions) automatically, and knowing Google, they for sure store it.

@chipferret @gcupc on g suite, you have to turn on CC and it turns it on for everyone in the meeting

@gcupc Also worth mentioning: Don't confess to crimes in person with any spying stuff in the room. Google stuff is worst for this- ChromeOS has a backdoor built in, Google Apps constantly listen in the background, etc. but I've also seen iOS devices send random audio clips to Apple before. If you're gonna talk about that, best to use a Pixel with something like GrapheneOS, or if you aren't worried about somebody physically tampering with your phone, a PinePhone/Librem 5. 1/2

@gcupc The PinePhone/Librem 5 are both great for if you're going to protests as well- cops have been using Stingrays recently to track who's been at the protests. You can stop that w/ hardware kill switches on the Pinephone and Librem. Worth noting that they aren't super secure, they lack things like verified boot so they'd only be good as a burner, and of course you still have to be cautious about how you do things with it (no real names, fill w/ fake numbers, etc.) 2/2

@chipferret @gcupc I want to go on record saying that politically I don't recommend supporting Purism, and if you order a librem 5 today, in a best case you'll get it by August, a full year after the stated release when I placed a pre-order

@gcupc even then don't brag. Bragging is the #1 way people get caught. That's how you find out who the snitch is, bragging to someone you thought you could trust

Only discuss crimes you've done if it's relevant to your planning of something else

@gcupc Yes: the NSA captures EVERYTHING that happens on the internet. No joke.

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