At least is giving lemmy's moderation tools a good workout.

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@gcupc actually they wrote their own mod tools, like reports which we dont have yet. hopefully they will contribute it upstream soon.

@felix Yeah...I read that they are planning to contribute upstream. Hope it's fairly soon, I'd hate to see it diverge enough to be hard to merge.

Jesus Christ looking at those threads is giving me the shivers 😬. Can we have a lemmy that requires an existing fediverse account to post or reply? I'm sick tired of anonymous trolling bullshit.


@rusty Steadily improving? I don't love the frontend because it's kinda JavaScript heavy, but I'm looking forward to the API stabilizing so I can write a static frontend for it.

@gcupc Cool! Communities you recommend following?

@gcupc Anything you think is cool! I only know Lemmy thru hearsay & not direct experience.

@rusty IMO, you should probably try out They have a lot of communities, but most of them are not that active yet. is more active, but it's also kind of bro-y and injokey; probably only enjoyable if you enjoyed /r/CTH before it was banned.

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