Are you fucking kidding me?

JK Rowling: New Strike book stars cis male killer who dresses as a woman

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re: transphobia 

@gcupc ...of course she did. She's redoubling down.

re: transphobia 

@drwho @gcupc tripling down? Double double downing? Is this on the In-N-Out secret menu??

re: transphobia 

@9birthdaycakes @gcupc Maybe she just hit peak fuckit and is owning it. 'least we know who we're dealing with, here.


@gcupc isn't that ultimately a ripoff anyway

transphobia, that author 

@gcupc J.K. "My new nom de plume is taken from a doctor who practised forced surgical "conversion therapy" and my new book's dog whistle can be heard on Pluto, but I'm not a transphobe!" Rowling.


@gcupc Jesus Christ. On top of that, who the hell wants to read a 900 page detective novel?

Everything about this seems bad.

re: transphobia 


same shit different decade, it's the same tired bullshit. she's just another terf who wants more money to try to fuck over trans people more 馃槧


@gcupc terfs are garbage and the woman has been consistently transphobic and outright hostile.

i'm glad people like to read her books and all from a community interest in literacy and learning new things through stories, but now i will have to read them before my non-conforming children do if they express an interest in them.

if you watch the movies though i highly recommend them with Rifftrax 馃槀

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