@gcupc this chart is wrong, the bottom row would also punch the nazis

@Efi eh, I just thought that the bottom row was switched around a little (LE should be Nazis, CE should say what about their rights).

@gcupc that too, but no, nazis are past-evil, they're nazis, evil actually has a reason to be, nazis just follow a fake premise

@gcupc @Efi I was about to post this. And I would say Nazis are very much "Evil", they want to destroy everything good to 'restore' an order that never was.

@IrisKalmia @gcupc but they don't even know what that order entails, they don't strive for a specific ideal, they're just following a vague empty adoration line
it's not even on the lawful-chaotic axis, it's just dumb

@IrisKalmia no, it's not, it's actually pretty valid for most things
it's just reductionist, but as long as you know that

@Efi but you just said it couldn't even qualify nazis as evil. It's dumb.

@Efi is this really the take you're going to push? That evil is only immensely intelligent and refined?

@IrisKalmia ok, you're taking it way too eriously now, leave me alone

@gcupc @KitRedgrave Actual historical Nazis were LE, but I think the modern version is CE

@gcupc Lawful good and lawful neutral would oppose committing assault, even of those they find repugnant.

@mpjgregoire Your campaigns must have very interesting paladins. "I can't slay the evil lichen necromancer, he just has a repugnant opinion that everyone in the village should be turned in to his zombie servants!"

@gcupc I thought Nazis were THE archetypical example of lawful evil.

Irrelevancies skipped.

@gcupc hard to choose a single alignment from those top two rows

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