Even Star Trek shits on Trots: in the Bell Riots episode of Deep Space Nine they make a comment shitting on Trots in Europe.

A meme about the Ben Shapiro thing, genital mention 


@rosetree This is a good listen on that subject... it's the 3rd episode of the series, but I think it would still make sense without context.

It Could Happen Here: How The American People Can Beat The American Military www. itcouldhappenherepod.com

you're telling me when you see the national guard roll up in tanks to disperse your protest, and there's nothing you can do but get the fuck out of their way, you don't think for even a second, "damn i wish we had some of those"

uspol, shitpost 

@frickhaditcoming Ahahahahaha! Was expecting Rice and a KHive meltdown.

uspol, shitpost 

I really hope Joe Biden picks Assata Shakur as VP candidate.

meeting people with tattoosβ€”

normal person with tattoos: chill

white person with tattoos: *frantically analyzing the images and composition, cross-referencing against known hate symbols, to determine if they're fash*

@RedFuture @pfx "What's that got to do with the price of rice in China?" is the variant i'm more familiar with.

@pfx In Korea we have a saying, "trying to make wrinkles in front of a larva" of a tryhard showing off to someone who's much more skilled or knowledgeable.

More modern ones, when a situation or story induces helpless rage: "It's like sweet potatoes," which are dry and will make your chest stuff up if you don't drink water.

The flip side of sweet potatoes is "pop soda," when a story or situation is really cathartic and figuratively clears the stuffiness induced by the sweet potato.

Watch "Peace Now: Clean Up Not Build Up at Savannah River Site" on YouTube youtu.be/qzf66BiYqCM

(This is a 15 minute short documentary my wife made, and I can't not brag on how awesome she is.)

uspol, schools, COVID-19 

β€˜The Photo Does Not Look Good’: Georgia School’s Crowded Halls Go Viral - The New York Times nytimes.com/2020/08/06/us/nort

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The Strange Tale of Remdesivir and a Black-Market Cat Drug - The Atlantic theatlantic.com/science/archiv

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