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Cancel culture 

The Dark Side of Sisterhood

Cancel culture has existed on the Left at least since the 1970s...I wouldn't be surprised to hear of examples from the 19th century.

uspol, problematic faves 

Chapo Trap House hosts Vergil Texas and Matt Christman get a hostile interview from a couple of establishment boomer journalists.

historical political article (US) 

The Paranoid Style in American Politics

This article is a little liberal, but still has some significant insights. It mostly focuses on far right, and occasionally far-left instances of the paranoid style, but the paradigm applies extremely well to the current Russia obsession among liberals.

uspol, Bernie meme, bodily wastes etc 

Bernie sanders gonna cry? Gonna shit your pants maybe?

uspol, crime, Nazi, South Carolina, Florida 

Florida white nationalist extradited to Rock Hill, SC to face kidnapping, gun charges

uspol, Iran, call to action 

No War With Iran: Day of Action

It's MoveOn, the shitty lib organization, but I guarantee the participants you meet will be better than the national organizers.

uspol, Iran, corruption 

TV Pundits Praising Suleimani Assassination Neglect to Disclose Ties to Arms Industry

uspol, health insurance, scams 

It Looks Like Health Insurance, but It’s Not. β€˜Just Trust God,’ Buyers Are Told. - The New York Times


I can't stop thinking about the amount of raw emotion in this short piece by the Iranian Anarchist Era Collective about the assassination of Soleimani. #DeathtoAmerica has become almost a meme at this point, but in this post they really convey the feeling that phrase is supposed to. The sheer contempt for both the US and Iranian regimes really leaps out at you.





Castilian (Spanish):


I really don't like the fact that i relate a bit too much.

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