Hey y’all, in case you’ve blocked them preemptively, I just heard from the proactive and receptive @admin ( and they’ve applied switter’s patch to add CWs to media.... so no more free-range porn in your TLs, should you choose to un-silence.

@ghost Now that's an option I'd love to see in the main mastodon branch.

@ghost @admin Free-range is important, but as long as they get plenty of space to stretch and healthy diets, I can compromise.

Is it *fair-trade* porn, though?! ^_^

LB: check it out, this is information propagation for good purposes

and a segment of the larger Masto community took steps to work with the rest of the community

because these aren't fucking companies and they don't turn to armies of lawyers to rob a smaller company or to draft ways to screw over users

weird, right? in this day and age

good weird though


@ghost @admin Hi, I'm new in the fediverse. May I ask what's the thing with switter?

@urso @admin hi! is a mastodon instance for sex workers, and The instance was SUPER popular super quickly. There were growing pains early on with users posting sexual content without a CW. This resulted in some instances breaking federation with switter entirely. In order to be good fediverse neighbors, they tweaked their code so that all media was behind a CW by default. They’re a great instance run by great people, and a good resource for other adult-themed instances IMO.

@ghost @admin oh, that's great to hear! I follow some folks from Switter and was worried something else was going on that I wasn't aware of.

Thanks for clarifying :)

@urso @admin welcome to the fediverse btw— both of you :)

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