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this is the first time i've heard the acronym "MOGAI" and someone needs to explain it to me like i was born in late 2013

@patience i'm assuming it's some variant on transmedicalism/truscum bs, but i'd like to know as well, because same

@patience "no terfs or truscum! unless they don't like people i don't like, in which case...maybe? i dunno"

@patience why do i get the impression that this is born out of some people being way, *way* too "peak online"? not just online all the time (because guilty as charged), but in some way that would implode in on itself in any other context

including online ones

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@shoutcacophony thing is, the "peak ___" trope all derives from "peak oil", which was a capitalist fear that the "good times" had already rolled by

and now, i can only hear cis women clutching pearls (they own many), and in their anglo accent, cry "PEAK TRANS!" and at this point, i don't know what peak they're talking about anymore unless they're referring to this 1970s peak

@patience it does? (i know the peak oil business) i'd always heard as "excessively <thing>", not as othering, but more like "jumping the shark" among people who share identity/community. cis women picking up on it (or white people, abled people, etc.) to be shitty, though...yikes

@shoutcacophony i get "jumping the shark". "peak-anything" doesn't have impact in any meaningful way, because all i think it a line graph that everything thereafter the declaration is projected to fall. with life experiences, that model just doesn't resonate with my brain, idk

@patience no worries. i've seen it in context enough that i sort of have a feel for it, even as i'm not sure exactly what it's referring to, lol. yay, empty signifiers

@patience huh. i wonder if there's a point where it made the leap from "riffing off of peak oil, sarcastically" to being more generic. it feels like it might've. hmmm

@shoutcacophony all i know is this is where i am rn… just on this side of ready to tooting this

@shoutcacophony french for "trash" (sorry i live in a bilingual canadian province which isn't new brunswick or québec)

@patience oh ok, i thought it was dec+hets lol

decimal/binary het-like unfortunateness

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