since the blocked domains list is getting pretty long and does not appear to be in chronological order, it's been tough for us to keep our public block list updated.

so i copied and pasted the pages of blocked domains into a text file, and made a little script to generate HTML we could just drop into the instance's profile.

in case you'd like to use it or build off it:

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@ghost @shoutcacophony I would very much like this to be packaged into Mastodon

@nev @ghost ideally without a three paragraph nag script about free speech, that pops up whenever an admin tries to suspend a new instance that's full of fascist dirtbags

@nev @shoutcacophony I would LOVE something like this to be a tick box to opt-in and generate a whole separate /domainblocks page.

@ghost it's not I'm chronological order in the admin pages? That's fixable :)

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