just woke up from a horrible dream in which a well-meaning 10-year-old wizard had stolen the word "fuck" from the world

i was working with a loose coalition of sailors, cooks, and software people to rediscover it, or create an alternative, because we all needed to yell it frequently to do our jobs

"bazt" and "corm" just weren't working but nobody at the meeting wanted to say it because that's the best we had after a week

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Help the National Prison Strike - fundly.com/2018-prisoner-strik

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National Prison Strike Demands 

free meal & film screening: The Spook Who Sat By The Door - Free Movie Screening of The Spook Who Sat By The Door 
& free meal
Saturday, July 28th 2-4pm
Westport Library - 118 Westport Rd

A meal will be provided courtesy of Kansas City Food Not Bombs. This event is free and we will be raising funds for a reliable car for two former Black Panthers. (suggested donation is $5. Donate online @ goo.gl/63DoD8)

- kciww.org/spook-who-sat-by-the -

Black Father's Day Bail Out 2018 - The Kansas City Black Mamas Bail Out was a great success! Kansas City IWOC is helping build toward making it where people do not go to jail for misdemeanors. Help us with the Kansas City Black Father's Day Bail Out as we keep building momentum toward bigger change that will improve so many people's lives!

Please donate here...


Also, for those who are in Kansas City, come to the Black Father's... - -

intimate harm, not graphic 

Fred Whitehead May Day 2018 Kansas City Missouri

History Professor Fred Whitehead Talks About The Agricultural Workers Union In 1911. The Free Speech Fights and the long road to justice.


2018 Kansas City Black Mama's Bailout - fundly.com/2018-kc-mothers-day

This year Reale Justice Network & Social Justice Doulas International is teaming up with National Bail Out to bring a Black Mama's Bail Out to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City Kansas.

We are working with community groups, organizations, grassroots orgs, non-profits and businesses to raise money to bail mama's out for mothers day. Our... - kciww.org/2018-kansas-city-bla -

"Justice is a commodity reserved for those with money."

-Siddiq Abdulla Hassan


- KC MO MAY DAY 2018

Dia Internacional de los Trabajadores

Concert - música en vivo
Comida de Food Not Bombs / Comida no Bombas K.C.
Crowdfund - Reale Justice Network Mama's Day Bail Out Fund

Musical Performances:

* Tyler Gosnell

* Ani Mal

* Evil Pillows

* Cara de Bebe


* Reale Justice (doula & community organizer)

* Keith Brown-El (advocate for the imprisoned)

* Fred Whitehead (radical historian & poet) - kciww.org/675-2/ -

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