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if you are an activist about anything in the world, you must understand the things you will learn if you watch this video. as a matter of fact, i think this is the single most important and informative video in the world about activism.

invitation is NOT inclusion.

Can i turn off the thing that shows the person I'm following's avatar on everything they boost in my timeline?

that song that goes 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' must be old or not american because the american chestnut tree is extinct.

My biggest philosophical pondering today

is high quality dry food better than lower quality wet food?

La la la-la la la la, i'm nothing like alexis

(i love her tho)

when you speak out about ableism in your community and not only do people listen and change how they act, but other people feel safe to call out other casual -isms they’ve seen in the space :)

Not quite a year later and I'm ready to do this again. All I do on twitter is holler into the void anyway, for the most part. Of course, I'll probably do that here too :)

But I do think I'm going to try to get banned from brd so let's just see how freely speech will be. muhaha

it's "interesting" to see bundy getting a slap on the wrist compared to The Ipperwash Crisis.

if you don't need your stimulus money, give it away. bail project is a good place to start.

been a long time since i've been on here. i spend about 30m on twitter, and probably won't spend much more on here, but this is not as toxic as twitter.

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