friend: why do you run your fan in the winter?

me: my cat's name is stinker.

my bff fosters kitties and she's a kitty pusher. today she told a coworker to adopt one for his unborn child.

he said no.

she said ....'well you dont love that baby, then'

lol dying

@froggy hmm. fruitcake bad, unless it's my gramma's and she took the recipe with her. so, bad, but. or good, but.

me: no, i'm not paying for msm newspaper sub

them: how will they livvvvvve

me: i hope they wont.

them: *total eclipse of the heart*

@weapxnfriend that's what i had in college. the moveout days were never fruitful in that department.

Ableism, shitpost 

@funnypanja also, if you don't use ableist language, there will be no more words for you to use. we're taking away all their words omg

Ableism, sarcasm 

@funnypanja if we have ramps, it's going to take away their stairs omg

you dont have to have material means to help homeless people if you are able to go to them.

many of them just want someone to talk to. that's free.

tbh i wish i could get a new ip number so i can get back on twitter. my people are there.

@irina i think it does have calorie count, tho, but just info, no preaching or whathaveyou

@irina if you use chrome, check out recipe filter. that way you also don't have to read about someone's mother's trip to france before you get to the good bits. it aint just the cis, unfortunately.

seems like while i was gone, it became an ok/cool thing to call ppl cucks.

well, then. are cucks reclaiming it or what? /s

it's racist and misogynist.

(i'm not talkin about bdsm reindeer games b/w consenting adult role players.
neither are the people using in )

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