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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

If I'm going to be an admin of a chat server, I'm going to need to have a code of conduct. I have some experience with these, but I always appreciate outside expertise. What CoC's have you used before (or modified) and have the worked well or not?

‪Cranking Moscow Death Brigade while working on infrastructure for translating my book and waiting for anarchobae to come over with new meds so we can make the rounds to help the neighbourhood homeless.‬

‪Peak anarchy innit 🏴‬

Does anyone else use Tootle as a mastodon client, and does it suck horrible ass for you people too? Or is it just my mastodon instance?

@hakan ‪I have wanted mochi since Friday and was a lazy oaf and didn’t bother to get any. They didn’t have durian so this what I settled for 😭‬

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‪What are the best Star Wars books out there. I vaguely remember reading some ages ago but can’t remember what they were. ‬

Another part is the directness of our help. You are bleeding, we use our hands to stop the bleeding. Hard to see is the effect of a good call to arms on crowd size. Or that one AG pulled a stunt that drew police away so another had less resistance when doing their thing.

I don’t feel particularly special as a medic, and I don’t feel like I need to have gratitude heaped on me. I do what I do because I can and it helps. Other people help in other ways. 🏴

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Organizers volunteer their time. Designers for posters. People paint banners. Mutual aid orgs make snacks. Legal observers. And of course the “regular” protesters who who up and put their bodies on the line.

Our skills are medicine, so we show up and provide medicine. We could just as easily have chosen to cook or make propaganda instead. Sure, medics have to train a bit more and it’s a less common skill, but part of why we get thanks is our visibility.

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One of the protesters asked us if were professional EMS on foot-service for the day. We said no, just volunteering to help the movement.

“Oh wow. Thanks for donating you time” (and similar thanks).

I cut them off on the thanks because medics really aren’t that different or special. I asked them if they were volunteering their time too. “Well when you put it like that.”

And I do. Because there are many things that make a protest successful and many people donate their time.

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Saw a “praise unto medics” tweet and nary mashed that RT button on it before remembering a story.

I was on the metro with my mate (both in medic uniform) hopping between two locations for a big action. A few other protesters in my car were doing the same. It was a rough day with a lot of pepper, broken glass, and flying stones. We had a lot to do and weren’t the only medics out there patching people up.

‪IRC sucks ass. I don’t want to “just ssh into a server you control and use tmux and irssi if you want to follow the whole conversation.” What kind of horseshit UX is that.‬

This ain't nuffink but it's a far cry from my usual hustle innit

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Me: lol i'm sooooo unmotivated

Also me: *goes out twice per week with comrades to help homeless neighbors*

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I've been unmotivated af, but today for the first time in 2 months I've gotten back to the field guide version of my book.

‪I always read MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) as “minor brain traumtic injury”‬

I like that StopBzdurom (Polish LGBT org) looks like “Stop Burzum” which is also a completely legitimate goal.

‪For example, you’re planning an occupation and expect the cops to do A or B and the people to do X or Y, like that’s good but mostly it informs you what to do when C and Z actually happen. ‬

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