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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

Been too fucking lazy to post here lately. Gotta give some decentralized love too

I love the word chud. Like the sound of an overcooked brisket smacking into the ground. It’s a perfect descriptor.

mention of violence 

If you're feeling upset by all the footage circulating of police attacking protestors and others, there is one useful thing you can do: donate to the GoFundMe for the Bristol protestors' legal costs.

It looks like they're well on the way to their £15,000 target.

As ever: if you can't afford to donate, don't feel bad about it! This is something to do only if you can.

One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

A fauxtocorrect of “similar” is “smol isla” and now I want a smol isla plz 🥺👉👈

I assume every pair of pictures of two similar looking people of different genders is a transition timeline.

Me: I play video games as a form of escapism from this sad, sad world.

Video games:

Lilienne the net picker: People imagine picking up and finding something better is an easy solution. But how is that supposed to work when all your time and energy goes to staying alive? You have almost nothing set aside to actually fight your way out.

I'm just a dumb slut stop making me think about dns.

Level headed thread on #AlexanderReidRoss' problematic employment at the National Contagion Institute (NCI) and the pitfalls of academic careers by @tom_nomad

For those who don't know Alexander Reid Ross is a well known anti-fascist researcher and author who recently took a job at an institute that provides research useful to law enforcement, and his NCI collaborators include ex-CIA, ex-DHS and NCI has conducted research framing anarchists as violent extremists.

I actually love it when the supposedly most woke and popular politicians are actual garbage because it kinda proves to the average liberal that in fact all politicians are complete shit.

Savor the disillusionment.
We can save us.
Embrace anarchism.

This is a traumatic brain injury. If this happens to you, please go to A&E (emergency care) for things like this to check for life threatening injuries.

Sad that MGTOW doesn't mean men going their own way and leaving gender roles and patriarchy behind, but instead just means becoming hypermisogynistic and ignoring women yet somehow still obsessing over receiving attention from them.

If this was in a movie it would be “over the top” or “hamfisted” but it actually existed

“Capital is vulnerable. All you need is to be decided.”
— Alfredo Bonanno

Tories at home crying because there’s not enough union jacks plastered about and we’re all out here busting sick tricks and building a new world

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So, apparently #RMS is coming back to FSF and there's an open letter against that.

I've read the thing and they make perfectly valid points – but the thing I absolutely can't agree on is this implicit assumption that we as a community *need* "leaders".

We don't. And in fact it is this very assumption that enables these fucked up personal cults to emerge in the first place.

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