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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

(not dead/arrested, just going on holiday for a bit)

Things we should be wary of when we constantly tweet out photos or memes (“40% !!”) about violence. When it’s not done carefully and critically, we may only end up normalizing it.

Aside from pushing back on fash appropriation of the skin aesthetic, if you’re more afraid of people in boots n braces than white guys in suits, you might fear the wrong thing. It is not on us to change ourselves for you.

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Yes, people can still be accommodating. I am a large punk mfer who purposely makes enough noise while walking at night to not scare people. Trigger warnings for common traumas are good.

But the world isn’t going to be so cushy that you never feel a bad fifi on accident.

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People build up inaccurate models of the world and prejudge people then get mad when they don’t change for them.

Not everything that makes you afraid is dangerous. Sometimes you have to learn to deal with that. Maybe also just harden the fuck up.

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The world is not kind enough and does not accommodate people’s traumas well enough.

The world will never be perfectly kind to you and perfectly accommodate all your traumas.

Both are true.

That skinhead thread is still alive and people keep commenting “I have a gut reaction to seeing skins and it makes me afraid.”

That’s a you problem. If you are still using outdated stereotypes of what a nazi is and reacting to that, you are the one who needs to change.

There is no morality or justice or karma to climate change. This isn’t a religious cleanse or a healthy system expelling a virus. This is just change that is hostile to many current forms of life.

Treating it like a moral or immune responses suggests we shouldn’t try to stop it or that those affected deserve it. Loss of life (human and otherwise) due to climate change is not good. As anarchists, our goal is to preserve life. Change your framing.

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People need to stop anthropomorphizing climate change. The planet isn’t “telling us something” and climate change isn’t “an immune response.”

The earth is a system that human life influences and what we are seeing is a physics reaction to changing that system.

Bitcoin idiots say “petrodollar” in response to criticisms of Bitcoin’s damage to the environment as is if the very existence of the dollar drives oil extraction or that if Bitcoin became a dominant (& stable) currency the same phenomenon wouldn’t be measured in “petrobitcoins”

Everyone who thinks we can just have a big computer make all of humanity’s decisiona is detached from reality because 1) people have to program that computer and 2) people have to feed data to it

People are racist and fabricate data. The centralized computer changes none of this

It’s a small blessing that dumbfuck tankies seem to not at all exist on mastodon or when they do they’re a minority

We can put billionaires into space 🚀 🌒 but we can’t put them into the sun ☀️😞

No more hot takes. The world has progressed past the need for hot takes.

Not a fan of how people learned the term “manufacturing consent” and realized they can slap it on anything with plausible media spin or imperial influence as a way to completely delegitimize it.

I have been such a lazy fuck and not been posting here. Time to maybe get back at it?

Belarusian regime claims that Hamas wanted to bomb Ryanair that was saved by Lukashenko personally. Today minister of transport read a letter from Hamas to Belarusian Minsk airport about bombing. They did all of that with serious faces... ))))))) #belarus #hamas #repression

all I wanna do is *bang bang bang bang*
and *ka-ching*
and pet a kitty

I don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but I think the game I just bought has a shoutout to me in the rule book.

practice proper opsec. no logs no crime. no trace no case.

i'm not your role model.

use tor, rotate identities, work in RAM, store as little as possible, copertmentalize, leave no trace, dont talk, trust no one

an OP doesn't need more than one person

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