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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

Online has been particularly shit lately. Taking a break.

Sometimes I think about the broke-ass shit I do (like have a pickle jar as a chamber pot because of a bad roommates to toilet ratio), and then I remember that by many measures I'm doing better than average for my demographic. Fuckin' bleak, it is.

Alright nerds, I can't sleep and I need your most "I'm in the cyberpunk neon matrix" music while I do some digital nazi disliking.

Reading French and getting pissed at francophones for writing “en retard” everywhere smh cancel the French for ableist slurs

This morning I went outside and said “Merry Christmas” and antifa murdered me. Thanks, Biden.

In all seriousness, a doctor should rewrite it and I will be very happy my contribution was “thing someone else built off of”

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I had fucking doctors review it and was still like “I’m such a fucking fraud, what a pos, someone else should have written this” and then people ask for money to spew lies. FUCK

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Wild to me that Esha has a history podcast and website but isn’t a historian. I constantly feel uncomfortable having written a medic handbook despite not being a doctor even though I have a current EMT cert and previously had lifeguard cherts. The audacity of these people ffs

Please tell me there are combo Juul/Jul memes out there with like... mad sick teens getting absolutely ripped on that sweet Yuletide vape juice

Begging lefties to not post sensational hypotheticals regarding covid or the vaccine. You are not a doctor and your inferences are only uninformed hot takes. It is dangerous. Please. Stop.

No title, no official position, and nothing that can’t (and wouldn’t be made redundant).

Like introducing someone to said commune would be like “an ova ‘ere is ‘Åkan, ‘ey got bandages ‘n whatnot ‘n if yer wifi breaks talk to ‘em but like e’ryone ‘ere ‘ey jus ‘elp out y’know”

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Do you want an actual answer? In a small commune statistically we won’t have a doctor or even a nurse, so I’ll have a medic closet and help people when needed. I’ll probably set up the WiFi. I like cooking so probably that too. Mostly whatever odd jobs are needed 90% of the time

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I feel like most versions of this meme the writer assumes they will have a more “important” position than they actually would in that semi-cliche sense of “I will be the manager under communism.”

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