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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

What I'm doing: writing a zine about tear gas

What I should be doing: yelling more at my fucking moron roommates so that I don't die of corona before the next time I would be tear gassed

Just for the record, I don't recommend this approach and prefer semi-disposable rain jackets/pants since IMO it's easier to get good seal using a smaller number of loose fitting items that have their gaps sealed with gaffer tap.

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I have heard that people use plastic wrap to protect their against tear gas / pepper spray. I also suspect that water cannons loaded with OC spray will soak through the plastic wrap and fuck you up worse than if you had nothing.

Can anyone (esp. from HK) confirm/deny this?

[in the national COVID-19 reserve silo]

Grunt: Sir sir! We've running dangerously low.
Overseer: Never fear, small one. Our dear leaders have enacted policy that will ensure we never run out of precious COVID-19.
Grunt: *sheds single tear* Truly bless this great nation.

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Pretty smart of Europe to be ramping up COVID-19 production in preparation for the winter. Solid investment. A sure sign of wisdom.

I finally installed Zotero (a reference / research tracker), and holy shit I do deeply rue not knowing about this before I wrote my book aiuhgaliuhrliguahrg

“Håkan wtf kinda mode are you in?”

I don’t know, I don’t know

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I want to meditate in a foggy swamp while Lingua Ingnota screams at me

I have exactly one brain cell left and it is “fuck the State.”

French mfers yelling “ouais” over syncopated beats is my ecstasy apparently

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This album has done more for my mental health this pandemic than anything else. More upbeat antifascism please.

As in, every dream involves chasing some former lover (or non-existent blend of several) against the backdrop of pursuit, repression, and war.

The last night behind the barricades, seeking a sweet moment before we are overrun in the morning.

An escape through the forest.

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When I sleep, I don’t dream much any more, but when I do it’s always a muted color mix born of a longing for the joyful sexual freedom of my teenage years with the acknowledgement of the bleak reality of fascism and violence of my adult life.

And then I wake up in a shitty home before going to a shitty job, and I have to wonder if the quasi-nightmares I wake from are better or worse than my daylife. At least in my dreams there is no pandemic.

Everyone: Find me on OF!

Me, sobbing: Just a crumb of MV or AP plz 😭😭😭

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Look call me old school but I would rather just buy my porn than pay for a subscription where I don’t actually own any of it.

I cannot get over how hilarious it is that the 4th to 6th derivatives are legitimately called snap, crackle, and pop. Fuckin' nerds eh?

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