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Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

This isn't saying one can't or shouldn't also sell thing. Make the book free, but put it for sale on an online shop. Make the podcast free, but link to your <donation site>. Hand out zines for free, but leave a tip jar.

We all need to survive, but not everyone can pay.

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Why would you make your information only accessible to those who can afford it? What would you demand compensation for you mutual aid?

It helps no one, especially the most marginalized, to force payment for access to information.

Free information for all.

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The only ethical way to publish radical info is for free and in the public domain. Paywalls, subscriber only content, copyright, and (gasp) the requirement to purchase it are antithetical to the revolution and only recreate the very capitalist social relations we seek to abolish.

Also, once again, thanks go to twitter/ixtamacunxi and twitter/ppdpositivo the translations.

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The downloads page has been updated to add language suffixes to the existing documents, so if you set up any sort of scraper to back things up, you may need to update it.

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It took me far longer than it should have, but finally the Spanish translation of the Riot Medicine Field Guide is polished and on my site for download.

Where the faux-socialist left shows their weakest understanding of power and coercion is when they say the laborers “voluntarily” leave their families to stay at factories.

When there is the threat of eviction and starvation, trading one’s time and health is never voluntary.

Antifas in Germany have the absolute worst politics

Alt: Antifa dual flag logos. Text in German. Front flag is the Israeli flag. Whole logo is the Israeli flag blue and white.

I just realized I didn’t include a chapter of dental emergencies and knocked out teeth in my book. Lmao what the fuck how did I only realize it right now?

I am having the unfortunate realization that chuds and quasi conservative normies also are also saying “become ungovernable” and I hate it

Apparently "play in traffic" violates the twitter TOC, yet nazis and transphobes can constantly harass people and spread outright lies about covid. Fuck you, Jack.

"So yeah the latest official realize was in 1994 but trust me we've been working really really hard on Latex3 which is expected just shortly after the release of Half-Life 3."

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Latex's inability to understand unicode is such hilarious garbage

Anyway dredging up this memory because someone offhandedly mentioned something that corroborates my experiences and I am feeling VINDICATED

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The ability to override an attraction with a lot of danger klaxons is such a weird skill to learn and it feel so counter to my instincts that I always worry that I’ll slip. Or that I have and don’t realize it.

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