Pretty sure one of my most valuable skillz at riots is like... perpetual situational hyper-awareness. I definitely don't have actual precognition, but I get these gut urges to move to position myself in certain ways, and so often this is inexplicably the right thing to do.

"This crowd feels funny, better get over here."

"Idk what these cops are doing, but I definitely need to follow them."

"This guy over here is about to get hurt. Aaaaand there it is."

I guess this is just like... instinctual understanding of crowd dynamics?

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For example, at an action I pointed across the way to some guy walking around by himself.

"That guy is about to get arrested."
"No he's not."
"Yes. See those four cops?"
"They're just standing around."
"Idk what you're... Oh fuck he just got arrested!"

(homie was too far away to do anything and there was no chance yelling would have done anything, thank you for your concern)

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