One of the anons who had been contributing to my book saw me dunking on landlords and got indignant because apparently they're a landlord. In typical landlord fashion they're now withholding the rights to their illustrations so that I can't publish.

I need some ~18 illustrations recreated because some "lefty" doesn't understand that having the power to throw people into the streets and profiting off that position are incompatible with socialism.

Anyone want to help out?

@hakan_geijer i can post something about this on tumblr if you want. how should people get in contact with you?

@Cyclideon there’s a contact page on the website, so anything kn there works. And yeah post away :)

@hakan_geijer i can do some. I can also try to match the existing illustration style you already have.

The sample pages look solid, but I would only feel comfortable contributing to a medical text written by someone with some expertise, just because it is literally life and death stuff. Can you tell me what your qualifications/experience are, broadly?

@turtlebirb Former life guard, but I’m part of a medic collective with doctors who are reviewing it

@teslas_moustache I’m going to upload a list tonight with descriptions and references and all

@hakan_geijer I have some artistic talent, if you want I can send you some the stuff I've created and I'm willing to do all 18

@SunSaint Hello! Hello! There's a bunch of people who want to join in and help, so let's see what everyone signs up for. The list (with references) is here. Let me know if you have any questions.

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