Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

The book is broken down into 4 sections to cover everything medics need to know, whether they're novices, experienced protesters, or even medical professionals.

- Organize!
- Medicine
- Equipment
- Tactics

Injuries and illnesses have some theory to introduce them as well as lists of signs and symptoms, and treatments. Urban legends are addressed to help address medical misinformation.

Even if you're not a medic, I'd suggest reading this as medics aren't always around, and fighting fascists and the State is dangerous. Knowing the basics can help save a life.

Hopefully you find this useful. Print out copies and hand them out. A hard copy will be available soon, but I can't say when as quarantine and the pandemic has the publisher busy.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to the illustrators and editors who've helped out over the last year and the comrades who've kept me going (especially the last few months of editing whilst in quarantine).

@hakan_geijer congrats to you and the whole network of people who worked on this amazing project! I’m so happy for y’all that this resource is out in the world. Thank you for putting so much time and care into this!

@hakan_geijer I was thinking about this book and how I was hoping you'd managed to find illustrators, just yesterday. I'm glad to see you've managed to release it! :antifa:

@pfx thanks. It took a bit but maybe quarantine helped and gave them more time? 😅

@hakan_geijer Have you considered putting these on the Internet Archive? That way, we could add them to our seedboxes.

@drwho I haven’t specifically considered that but you could do it 🙂

@hakan_geijer The reason I asked is that they have item derevation tasks on the back end that convert them into .epub, .djvu.txt, and so forth. I don't know how that'll square with your workflow (I saw that you've got it in version control). I also don't know how it'll square with updates being made to the document.

So, I could (easily), but I'd like to explore options that work better with how you do things. Say, if you had a Git commit hook that automatically pushed the latest versions to the Archive.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking it, and I'll send you the magnet link tonight.

@drwho I need to convert it to pandoc anyway for my own needs so once I figure that out there will be an ePub. Pandoc has some unclear automagic I’m still figuring out to even be sure if it’s the right tool or not


HI! Thanks for your work. Can you consider a epub format? Then it reflows to fit a wide range of screen sizes. TIA.

@vandys yeah I made it with latex which doesn’t do ePub or at least not easily so I need to rewrite it in pandoc

@hakan_geijer could you upload it to Would be nice to be able to embed it and have a permanent link :)
Thanks for the work!

@ungovernable yeah uploading it there and also setting up a torrent server are on my TODO list

@hakan_geijer are you also planning to release it as ebook (epub)?


Great job. Take a break before the next endeavour comrade.

Made the book available via the Health section of my DropBox library:

Keep up the good work.

@hakan_geijer just joined mastodon but I wanted to say I read Riot Medicine back in June & it helped me give medic treatment to so many protestors. Thx for publishing.

@hakan_geijer , hi. I read in your faq that you can redirect me to a translation community, if it exists. So, wasup with translations? Where can I search for a current status?

@snowinmars Ah sorry. In the past I tried to help coordinate on that but it kinda fell apart. I’m only aware of one active translation right now. I think this is something people need to handle on their own if it’s what they want to do. I can help spread the word if someone gets started but I really can’t be central at the moment. I may need to update that page.

@hakan_geijer , fine, not an issue.

Am i right, that 'Riot medicine' exists only as pdf? No latex, no word, no txt?

@snowinmars there’s a latex doc and build system linked in the contact page. It’s on GitLab.

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