Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:


The book is broken down into 4 sections to cover everything medics need to know, whether they're novices, experienced protesters, or even medical professionals.

- Organize!
- Medicine
- Equipment
- Tactics

Injuries and illnesses have some theory to introduce them as well as lists of signs and symptoms, and treatments. Urban legends are addressed to help address medical misinformation.

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Even if you're not a medic, I'd suggest reading this as medics aren't always around, and fighting fascists and the State is dangerous. Knowing the basics can help save a life.

Hopefully you find this useful. Print out copies and hand them out. A hard copy will be available soon, but I can't say when as quarantine and the pandemic has the publisher busy.

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I'd like to give a huge thanks to the illustrators and editors who've helped out over the last year and the comrades who've kept me going (especially the last few months of editing whilst in quarantine).

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@hakan_geijer congrats to you and the whole network of people who worked on this amazing project! I’m so happy for y’all that this resource is out in the world. Thank you for putting so much time and care into this!

@hakan_geijer Is there any possibility of an ePub edition? It would work better on phones and most eBook readers than a PDF. I'd be willing to help with the technical side.

Thank you very much for writing this and making it available!

@gcupc I’m learning pandoc right now and will start moving this over soon.

@hakan_geijer @gcupc also it’s on GitLab so if you make a ticket called “move to pandoc for ePub support” I can post updates there

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