If I have to learn Haskell, I'm going to be so irate.

@amaral I need something in pandoc that the core app doesn’t support yet

@chaomodus Yeah. There’s some stuff pandoc can’t do, and now I’m like fml if I want this feature I might have to do it myself

@hakan_geijer I can't even imagine what the code is like considering what it does (I've only used it for relatively simple things).

@chaomodus I looked at it and honestly I looks reasonable af. Like it doesn’t seem like terribly complicated. A lot of the gnar seems to be in the parsers but after the AST is created it seems intuitive?

@hakan_geijer Oh well that's not as bad as expected :) It is relatively modern, I suppose, if it's in Haskell... it's no troff or TeX

@chaomodus Yeah. There’s a lot of real FP stuff there too but I feel like that’s just standard Haskell. I could mostly read along. It’s just a simple pipeline with a lot of options

@hakan_geijer I guess teh real problem would be like getting enough of the weirdness of haskell to make any changes to it, but things like extra table options don't seem particularly difficult

@chaomodus yeah I don’t like Haskell syntax. I prefer Lisp. No memorizing order of operations or weirdness with $ or . to change them. Also I dislike non-word operators and such. Too much <$> and >==

@hakan_geijer i guess taht's why they make special fonts for writing haskell

@hakan_geijer there are special programmer fonts that take the trigraphs and digraphs and make them single characters (I didn't actually realize there were trigraphs - i've seen the utility of them in other languages, sort of).

@chaomodus ah I’ve seen that and honesty I find that worse. Some IDEs do that and I’d rather have more characters to make it easier to differentiate the different operators

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