‪IRC sucks ass. I don’t want to “just ssh into a server you control and use tmux and irssi if you want to follow the whole conversation.” What kind of horseshit UX is that.‬

@hakan_geijer that's a weird IRC setup, why not... use... an IRC client?

@hakan_geijer oh yea. I've been using matrix to connect to IRC, I used to keep a bot running on a machine with a persistent internet connection and then ask it for logs to catch up but uhhhhh

yea ok this does suck

@amsomniac yeah I mean the simplest client is that thing I described but the requirements for a persistent client just annoys me to no end

@hakan_geijer I like that you /can/ connect to IRC via telnet though, that's pretty sweet. back in the day when things were less hardcore (!) I used to point people to IRC web clients, which never had an amazing ux but were easy to get started with

@amsomniac honestly when I have to I do the same but I try to avoid IRC

@hakan_geijer is there chat stuff you like? I pretty much just use signal and matrix now, which have their own issues but at least a nicer ux

@amsomniac I would probably use matrix if I wanted something similar to IRC but for now I mostly use signal and wire

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