Have any of my followers ever successfully created an ebook from a Latex project? Attempting to follow the basic guides I've found extremely does not work.

@hakan_geijer I would also be interested in your learnings. May have to check my previous work on what cen be re-published.

@nubesik my guess is I need a separate Tex file because I can’t reuse the current one. It errors out. :/

@hakan_geijer tex is a pain anyway :( have heard going via html is promising, but assume you have already tried that.

@nubesik I haven’t but I wrote the book in latex. I need it for the tables and such as pandoc doesn’t do enough (I tired, it was horrible). So I was hoping for a quick fix of ePub via latex but that seems unlikely

I haven't but thought I'd suggest looking in exporting into a format useable by Calibre and then using it to convert into epub, etc.

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