If your chat app sends messages out of order or sends some messages but not others, you should be thrown off a cliff.

Yeah I'm looking at you, Signal. Jfc get it together. I literally just got in a fight with someone because 2 messages dropped and the rest went out of order. Fuck you.

This is not how humans communicate. We assume we got all the messages and in the right order.

Oh look at me I'm Moxie Marlinspike, my chat app has all sorts of problems but because I'm some cool guy who sails or whatever I don't have to listen to user feedback hurr durr

@hakan_geijer lowkey one of the things I dislike about Mast (mastodon app) is that it doesn’t put original posts on the main timeline with the other parts of the thread beneath it ala birdsite.

Everything is backwards so you have to scroll til you find where the thread starts and hope it all posted in order

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