My job at the commune is... hard to say in advance and while I know what skills I have, my actual contributions to the community will depend on what other skills are present and as our specific needs, so to assume any of my current knowledge would make me an expert is fallacious.

Your job at the community would probably be manual labor, let’s be real.

I am alright at medic stuff and computers, but many are better at both. Also how much those are needed in a small commune vs building, cooking, cleaning, and farming is... slight.

I feel like most versions of this meme the writer assumes they will have a more “important” position than they actually would in that semi-cliche sense of “I will be the manager under communism.”

Do you want an actual answer? In a small commune statistically we won’t have a doctor or even a nurse, so I’ll have a medic closet and help people when needed. I’ll probably set up the WiFi. I like cooking so probably that too. Mostly whatever odd jobs are needed 90% of the time


No title, no official position, and nothing that can’t (and wouldn’t be made redundant).

Like introducing someone to said commune would be like “an ova ‘ere is ‘Åkan, ‘ey got bandages ‘n whatnot ‘n if yer wifi breaks talk to ‘em but like e’ryone ‘ere ‘ey jus ‘elp out y’know”

Had this exact experience while living at a commune. Expcept i didnt do any computer stuff at all cause there were lots of tech girls around. and i did like one medic thing ever.. i learned that i need to focus on passive and preventitve herbal medicine if i want to use it in that kind of setting

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