Wild to me that Esha has a history podcast and website but isn’t a historian. I constantly feel uncomfortable having written a medic handbook despite not being a doctor even though I have a current EMT cert and previously had lifeguard cherts. The audacity of these people ffs

I had fucking doctors review it and was still like “I’m such a fucking fraud, what a pos, someone else should have written this” and then people ask for money to spew lies. FUCK

In all seriousness, a doctor should rewrite it and I will be very happy my contribution was “thing someone else built off of”

@hakan_geijer Have you ever read the classic zine Witches, Midwives and Nurses? As useful as scientific standards, certifications, research, and accountability can be in the medical field, it's history is fundamentally corrupt and it can only consist of human beings- visualizing an MD as the ultimate validation can be disheartening. Training is training, experience is experience and knowledge is knowledge. Your work is appreciated and imo damn good.

@hakan_geijer not to say that having enormous amounts of training and study and getting those certifications and degrees are at all a bad thing ofc, it's just that doctorhood isn't what matters when it comes down to *doing the thing*- what matters as far as i see it is accessibility, reliability, versatility and inversion of the ways the medical industrial complex fails people.

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