The Bladerunner writers deadass named the android gf Jerk Off Instructions.

There are a lot of monosyllabic names they could have chosen and yet this is what they landed on.

@hakan_geijer just re-watched it recently to concentrate on the writing of it. so much (pointless bs) clutter (focused on present sh*t, instead of "futuristic" elements). there is a strong and interesting story and undoubtedly good writing down there but no more. potentials wasted. the message is so washed away and almost untouchable by the average viewer... if the new Dune movie will look over the "weight" of the original writing like this... if it ever comes out... just jerk off instead. : )

@richardkramen literally Jared Leto’s entire everything could have been scrapped like why was he even there? Totally pointless

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