The world is not kind enough and does not accommodate people’s traumas well enough.

The world will never be perfectly kind to you and perfectly accommodate all your traumas.

Both are true.

That skinhead thread is still alive and people keep commenting “I have a gut reaction to seeing skins and it makes me afraid.”

That’s a you problem. If you are still using outdated stereotypes of what a nazi is and reacting to that, you are the one who needs to change.

People build up inaccurate models of the world and prejudge people then get mad when they don’t change for them.

Not everything that makes you afraid is dangerous. Sometimes you have to learn to deal with that. Maybe also just harden the fuck up.

Yes, people can still be accommodating. I am a large punk mfer who purposely makes enough noise while walking at night to not scare people. Trigger warnings for common traumas are good.

But the world isn’t going to be so cushy that you never feel a bad fifi on accident.


Aside from pushing back on fash appropriation of the skin aesthetic, if you’re more afraid of people in boots n braces than white guys in suits, you might fear the wrong thing. It is not on us to change ourselves for you.

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